Donation Idea for Wedding Photography

I recently had an interesting idea that I’m going to look into for my senior photography brand. I’m going to hopefully partner with some non-profits and give seniors the opportunity to volunteer with them to earn money toward a senior session. I know there are a lot of seniors out there that might not be able to afford the biggest package, but this would be a way to help them. It would, of course, also help the non-profits. With all of that said, I’m looking for some non-profits in the surrounding cities for that program. I’m also looking for some kind of donation idea for wedding photography.

Donation Idea for Wedding Photography

I like helping people out, and I know there’s got to be some way I can help people out with my wedding photography. I can’t help out every single person out there because then I’d go out of business, but I like the idea of helping people who are truly in need and are good people. I’ve got two different ideas that I might use.

Wedding Photo Silhouette

The first idea would be to give out at least one wedding photography package per year, completley free. I’d have to work out exactly what I would offer and how to choose, but the basic idea is that I’d have people either apply or be nominated, and I’d pick the couple that seems best.

Bride and Groom in front of Ravington

The second idea would help more people, but wouldn’t as be as big. I could offer a discount to couples that met a certain requirement. It could be something like 40-60% off. Again, I haven’t thought much about the details, but this would help me make some money and help a bunch of people that would need it.

Donation idea for wedding photography

I’m sure there are other Donation Idea for Wedding Photography that I haven’t thought about. If you have some amazing idea or know someone in need, please feel free to contact me. If things go well, I’ll be starting one of these programs here in 2017.

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