Emily and Denny’s Wedding at Uark Bowl

A few days ago I shared a wedding film we made that was the first ever wedding at Willow Brooke farm. It was very exciting to be part of the first wedding, but for Emily and Denny, we were actually part of one of the last wedding at Uark Bowl on Dickson Street. We’ve done several wedding receptions at the Uark Bowl, so it makes me sad, but I’m glad that we rocked it with Emily and Denny’s wedding at Uark Bowl!

Emily and Denny’s Wedding at Uark Bowl

This is my third post about these two, so if you haven’t checked out their engagement session or Emily’s bridal session, do that when you’re done. As I keep saying, Emily is all types of wonderful. She’s so kind and funny. Denny also has a fun personality. He’s a big Steelers fan and is very fond of music. He also has a super tight-knit group of friends from Fayetteville High.

earrings on wedding announcement wedding dress at Chancellor hotel wedding dress at Chancellor hotel

We started everything off at the Chancellor Hotel in Fayetteville. We did the normal getting ready stuff, but then we did a first look with Emily and her father. I was at the rehearsal, so I knew how emotional this would be. We then moved to the Fayetteville Square where we did a first look with Emily and Denny and then all the portraits. It was a bit cold still, so we tried to move things as quickly as we could.

bride on Fayetteville Squarewedding at uark bowl tight portrait of couple

The ceremony was right down the road, and the awesome part was the officiant actually did my wedding as well! Crazy to think that was 12 years ago. It was so nice seeing him and talking about things.

bride on steps of church in Fayetteville

The reception was where things really took off. As I mentioned, we were at the Uark Bowl room, and it would be closing soon. We made sure to make the most of it. There was dancing and crazy wigs and a Steelers’s helmet. The place was packed and everyone was loving life.

Steeler's wedding cakefirst dance at Uark Bowl crazy wedding reception with wigs wedding guests with wigs couple kissing in front of Uark bowl

It’s sad that I won’t be going to the Uark Bowl Room anymore, but at least my last time there was a really big party with people I knew. Emily and Denny made it a special day for me, and I hope it was just as wonderful for them.

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