Emotional Wedding Photos

Emotions are what make wedding photographs. If there is no emotion then people don’t connect with the photo. Lauren and Chris’s wedding was full of emotion and I was able to capture plenty of emotional wedding photos.

Emotional Wedding Photos

The emotions started early in our day. During the getting ready process Lauren was surrounded by her mother and two sisters. We did some group photos before and everyone was smiling away.

My favorite photos of the day and the most emotional was when Lauren walked down the aisle. You could see it on Chris’s face before she came in, but when she started walking he couldn’t contain it anymore. I snuck behind Lauren and was able to capture his face right over her shoulder.

The other events of the day had just as much emotion. The speeches were filled with laughter and a bit of embarrassment. The dances were sweet and funny. In the middle of Lauren’s dance with her father, the music stopped and changed into the whip song and they both went crazy. The day ended with a private dance for Lauren and Chris and an emotional send off from everyone.

Emotional Wedding Photos groom portrait Emotional Wedding Photos groomsmen in front of bride St. Anthony's

Groom’s Suit – Men’s Warehouse

Emotional Wedding Photos bride portrait Emotional Wedding Photos bride looking over shoulder in bamboo Emotional Wedding Photos black and white by bamboo

Bride’s dress – White Dress Boutique 

Hair – Tramps Salon

Emotional Wedding Photos groom crying walking mom Emotional Wedding Photos groom excited to see bride Emotional Wedding Photos groom between bride and father Emotional Wedding Photos Ole Miss Cake Emotional Wedding Photos Arkansas Razorback Cake

Cake – Harps

Shirley's Flowers _mg_0584 _mg_0580

Flowers – Shirley’s Flowers

Rentals – Intents Rentals

Rings – Swift’s Jewelry

Emotional Wedding Photos crazy father daughter dance

DJ – DJ Connection

Emotional Wedding Photos groomsmen embarrassing groom Emotional Wedding Photos last dance with bride and groom Emotional Wedding Photos exit through bride at St. Anthony's

Photographs freeze time and capture the emotions of life for us to relive forever. Lauren and Chris had a very beautiful and emotional day. I’m glad I could be there to capture their emotional wedding photos. If you are interested in more of their photos, look back at Lauren’s bridal photos.

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