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Engagement Photos at Bogle Park: Sabrina and Jorden

Several months ago I put out a post on Facebook looking for some couples to try out some new things. I had a huge response, so the problem was figuring out who to pick. I ended up working with 5 couples. I already posted about Abby and Parker, and now I get to share about the wonderful time I had with Jorden and Sabrina’s Engagement Photos at Bogle Park!

Engagement Photos at Bogle Park: Sabrina and Jorden

My Saturdays are normally busy, so we had to wake up early to do this session, so I could go home and get ready for Rebecca’s wedding. They suggested Bogle Park in Rogers. I had never been there before but it turned out to be a really beautiful park. It’s not very big but there’s a lot of plants and color.

We started the session off by doing a cinemograph with some smoke. This one turned out pretty cool. The couple was frozen in the middle and then you have the smoke billowing on both sides. I think we managed to pull this off in two tries and I even got some photos while it was happening.

engagement photo with smokeengagement photo kissing foreheadengagement photo with sun behind them

From there, we went straight into photos. These two were naturals in front of the camera and we knocked out a ton of different things in just a few minutes. The only thing that slowed us down was one of my cameras started acting up, so I just switched to one of my other cameras. Unfortunately, not every wedding photographer has two cameras, which I think is crazy!

guy spinning girlhugging her during engagement sessionengagement session at Bogle Parkpiggy back ride during engagement photo

I loved working with Jordan and Sabrina for their Engagement Photos at Bogle Park. Besides making beautiful photos, they are super cool people. Jorden was a baseball player and Sabrina is a twin, so that’s unique! I’ve still got 3 more sessions I will be sharing from these experimental shoots, and they are just as much fun. Can’t wait for you to see them all!


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