Engagement photos at Busiek State Forest

Engagement Photos at Busiek State Forest

Growing up, my family went up to Missouri for vacation quite a bit. Almost always we went to Branson, so that’s really the only area I know there. A few weeks ago, I made the trip to Springfield for two sessions, and I’m pretty sure that’s the first time I’ve ever been there. I didn’t know what to expect. Luckily, Morgan and Connor found the perfect spot. We did Engagement Photos at Busiek State Forest, and this place had the best view!

Engagement Photos at Busiek State Forest

When I pulled up, I knew this place must be good. There were a bunch of cars, and I saw a giant group heading off with a photographer. The best places are always crowded.

engagement photos on bridge

engagements at Busiek State Forest

The first thing we did was climb up on this bridge to get a group shot of Morgan, Connor, and their pups, Buck and Roscoe. We had to stop a few times to let people pass and that distracted the dogs, but we still managed to get some shots.

Right past the bridge was a low level creek. I really would have liked to do photos in that area, but the other photographer had her group there. Also, Morgan and Connor already knew an area that was perfect, and it was a bit of a hike.

beautiful view with dogs and couple

couple photos with dogs and sunset

close up of couple's dogs

We started the hike up the mountain, and it gave me time to find out more about them. Connor just got out of the military, so the beard and long hair was new to him, but I thought it looked awesome. Now, he’s an engineer, so he helps design things for production. Morgan is still finishing up school, and she’s in the science field, so the the beauty of Busiek State Forest makes perfect sense. Roscoe is their big Doberman, but he was so friendly and happy. I couldn’t imagine him scaring anyone. Buck is an Aussie Mix and a little bit more reserved.

beautiful sunset engagement photos

engagement photos in state park

wide shot of overlook and sunset

After about 10 minutes of hiking, we made it to a clearing and overlook. This place was perfect. It honestly reminded me of something you’d see out west or in a magazine. I could definitely see why they wanted to use this spot. We timed it perfectly as well. If we had been there earlier, the sun would have been too bright.

Busiek State Forest engagement photos

sunset at Busiek State Forest

dramatic sunset engagement photo

We went just a bit further up the trail where there were some pine trees on both sides. I had Morgan and Connor hold hands and walk and spin and then do a piggy back ride. We got some really cute interactions in those ones.

engagement photos with pine trees

couple spinning in the forest

piggy back ride during engagement session

At that point, we had to start hiking back down. On the way, I found a fallen tree right that was smack in the middle of an opening in the woods. It was getting dark at this point, but we still snagged a few.

couple sitting on fallen tree in forest

engagement photos in forest

Springfield and Busiek State Park is only about 2 hours from Fayetteville, and I could see myself making that trip often. If there are other locations and views like I saw with Morgan and Connor, it would be well worth it!

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