Engagement Photos at Horseshoe Bend Campgrounds: Wes and Sarah

Deciding on a location for an engagement shoot can be overwhelming for most couples. Usually they ask my advice and leave it up to me. Occasionally the couple will have a great idea for where they want to go. Wes and Sarah decided to do their engagement photos at Horseshoe Bend campgrounds, and it turned out awesome.

Engagement Photos at Horseshoe Bend Campgrounds: Wes and Sarah

I love going to new locations, but it can be a bit overwhelming. I have to find the place, which can be hard enough, but once there, I have to figure out where to shoot. Lucky for us, the campground wasn’t too large: there were individual campsites and then the area around Beaver Lake. This let us figure out the spots pretty quickly, and each spot was really pretty.

Engagement photo with bright fall leaves Engagement Photos at Horseshoe Bend Campgrounds

Wes is a fellow photographer, so he had some cool ideas for the engagement session. He wanted some photos with the lake, which is pretty normal, but he also had a unique idea. They made a campfire and did all the camping things like hot chocolate and Smores. The lighting took a little tweaking and I had to avoid smoke, but I love how these photos turned out.

walking on the shore of Beaver Lake couple hugging near Beaver Lake Beautiful view of Beaver Lake at Horseshoe Bend Campgrounds dark moody engagement photo with sunset

I had a blast with Sarah and Wes. There were so many funny moments including Sarah accidentally kicking Wes in the head and goat kisses. I think Sarah was laughing in half of the photos! I know I was laughing a ton too!

engagement photos at campground engagement photos in front of a campfire

I don’t know if I’ll ever do engagement photos at Horseshoe Bend campgrounds again, but I’m glad I got photograph Wes and Sarah there. These photos were so much fun and so unique. It makes me want to go out and explore and find even more new locations. If you know any other really cool spots, feel free to throw them my way.

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