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Engagement Photos in Fayetteville: Matt & Annie

Like most people, I met my wife in college. I think that’s pretty normal these days. It’s very rare to find high school sweethearts anymore, but I actually found something even crazier than that: junior high sweethearts! Isn’t that awesome! Matt and Annie have been together for roughly 19 years before getting engaged. This is all really special, but to make things even better, I’ve known them the entire time! I was so excited to finally get to shoot Matt and Annie’s engagement photos in Fayetteville.

Engagement Photos in Fayetteville: Matt & Annie

Like I said a minute ago, I’ve known these two for a long time. I first met Matt in 6th grade. Since then, I’ve played basketball and football with him, lived with him, and he was in my wedding. I met Annie sometime around 8th grade, and she’s been there for all of those great memories as well!

Wilson Park Photos

These two have lived in Fayetteville the majority of their lives, so they had a few different spots that they wanted to use. We started at Wilson Park. I don’t think there was anything special about it. I think we used it because it’s pretty.

engagement photos at Wilson Parkwalking in Wilson Parkstanding in a creekengagement photo in creekswings at Wilson Park

Old Main

The next stop was the University of Arkansas campus, Old Main. Parking was a bit of pain like usual and we felt old being there, but it was worth it. These two graduated from the U of A, so it was an important part of their lives.

photos on Old Main lawnengagement photo at Old Main

Ramay Junior High

The last stop was my favorite. Matt and Annie first started dating at Ramay Junior High, so she talked to the principal and we were allowed to go on campus. Some of my favorite memories were during my time at Ramay, so it was fun for me to go back there as well.

We really didn’t do a ton of stuff once we were there. It was lunchtime, so there were kids running around outside. Annie mainly wanted to recreate their first kiss. I thought that was a really cool idea. It was outside against a brick wall, during a basketball game, I believe. There wasn’t a basketball game, but we found the brick wall, and there were still plenty of kids around.

kissing in front of Ramayengagement photos by brick wall

This was a special engagement shoot for me. It’s always nice when I know the couple, but these two have been a part of my life for such a long time, it’s beyond just kind of knowing them. Their wedding was a few weeks ago, and it was the same feeling. I can’t wait to share those images and memories with you as well.

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