couple in front of spring at Blue Springs Heritage Center

Engagement Session at Blue Springs Heritage Center in Eureka Springs

Carissa and Alex were one of those couples that drove in from out of town for their engagement session. They had never been to Eureka Springs before, so they did a little bit of research on the Blue Springs Heritage Center beforehand. It is a beautiful place with tons of history, which is perfect for having a good time and engagement photos! I was had such a blast with this energetic couple!

engagement photo at top of Blue Springs Heritage Center

For me, engagements are a time to really get to know the couple and have a lot of fun. Well, I had already been talking to Carissa and Alex and I knew I was in for a real treat. I found out very quickly that these two love a lot of the same things I do and aren’t worried about being a little out there.

As soon as the engagement session started, the jokes and entertainment began! We were sharing memories from TV shows, cracking jokes, and acting like we had known each other for years. These two made the engagement session at Blue Springs Heritage Center a breeze.

I believe they were the ones that found Blue Springs Heritage Center. I had never been there before and had only seen photos on the website. It’s a really beautiful and interesting place.

It has two things that it’s famous for. One, there’s a beautiful spring in the middle of it. You can walk down and get right next to it. Not sure if people believe it has healing properties like Sulphur Springs, but it is beautiful. Two, the Trail of Tears ran through this area. I didn’t see a ton of memorials or statues, but there was a sign and inside had Native American items for sell.

In addition to all of this history and beauty, there are some really cool areas for photos. We started at the top of Blue Springs Heritage Center where we had a view of the water. Then, we found a big hill that they could play around on. From there, we actually went down to the spring. These might have been my favorites.

After that, we went outside of Blue Springs Heritage Center for a few more engagement photos. Carissa and Alex packed a picnic basket, so they sat down and enjoyed that. There were definitely some cute moments, but I loved when they decided to act goofy. That’s what I noticed about them. There are moments when they really were emotional and romantic together, and then other times they will say the weirdest and most hilarious things. It’s a good combo.

We had one more location. When we drove up, there was a spot that looked out over the forest and valley. It took us a few tries to find the exact spot, but once we did it was glorious. The sun was going down and the view was magical. Throw those two in the mix and it was perfect.

Carissa and Alex are quite the couple, and I love how easy it was to talk with them and laugh. They are getting married in October of 2022, and I’m sure they are going to bring that energy to the wedding as well

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