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Engagement Session at Gulley Park: Staci and Russ

Tomorrow I get the pleasure of photographing Staci and Russ’ wedding, and I realized that I never shared their engagement photos! I’m not sure how I let that happen, but I think it’s what happens every year when I get busy. Well, their engagement session at Gulley Park was a blast, so I’m still excited to share it now.

Engagement Session at Gulley Park

The location for an engagement session is always a tough but important decision. The location will limit what you can do and affect the way the photos look and the entire session. There are strange things to consider like will the location be busy, the personality of the couple, and even things like parking or how hard the location is to find. We ended up going with Gulley Park, and it’s always a good choice.

colorful engagement photos engagement session at Gulley Park Engage photos at Gulley Park

Before the engagement session, Staci told me that they really didn’t have a ton of photos together. This surprised me a bit with the way the world is now with everyone having phones and taking photos all the time. I guess there are still some people that don’t take selfies all the time. Anyway, I wanted to make sure they had a good time, so they wouldn’t hate photos the rest of their lives.

engagement photos in the woods black and white engagement photo engagement photo in high grass

In the end, I think I succeeded. We ended up using several different parts of the park like the creek, a wooded area, a field, a trail, and a field with high grass, and we did it all in about an hour and a half. I think that’s pretty good because longer than that can be tiring, and they already had a long drive and Russ had worked that day.

using a creek for engagement photos walking through a field during engagement session

This was the first time I met Russ, and he seemed like a genuinely good guy. I had already met Staci and talked with her on the phone, and she is a teacher, so you know she’s awesome! I had a really fun time talking to them and working with them throughout the whole engagement session at Gulley Park. Tomorow is going to be a fun day with them. There will be 3 of us (me plus a second photographer and a videographer) headed to Van Buren, so it’s going to be a party and an adventure. I can’t wait to share Staci’s bridals and her wedding photos in the near future.

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