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Engagement Session at Kessler Mountain: Katie and Mark

I consider myself to be a relatively traditional person and conservative when it comes to my personality. A good chunk of my couples are the same way. They do the normal things and don’t get really too crazy. Well, that’s not Katie and Mark. Oh man, these two are so ridiculous and fun! Their engagement session at Kessler Mountain was a blast. They had some really creative and goofy ideas, but then we got some draw dropping beautiful shots as well. It was the perfect mixture.

Engagement Session at Kessler Mountain: Katie and Mark

As always, the engagement session is the perfect time to get to know the couple. I already knew Katie because she is a teacher and coach at Fayetteville, but I really got to see more of her personality. I had never met Mark before, so he was a surprise. First off, he has a killer mustache, but he’s not a police officer. He does like to dress up like one for Halloween on occasion. He’s a solid guy and found to be around. He put up with me and went all out on the photos and really made them awesome.

Engagement Session at Kessler Mountain engagement photo kissing her on the forehead engagement photo in Fayetteville, AR

We really only used two spots for these photos. We were around the Kessler Mountain trail, and I honestly wasn’t sure what to expect. We found one nice, wooded spot, and did some more of the formal ones. We then found a field and had fun. We did shots with their dogs, used an ax to remake the Star War’s New Hope poster, and they even dressed like Miami Vice.

dipping fiance during engagement shoot HDR engagement session photo Engagement photo in a field with dogs engagement photo with plaid shirts engagement photo leaning on his shoulder cool hat lifting her in the air during engagement session Engagement photo of Star Wars New Hope movie poster

Their wedding is in about a month, and if their engagement session at Kessler Mountain is any indication of what their wedding is going to be like, I’m excited. I’m all about having fun and working with creative people. They get me out of my conservative/traditional shell. Be prepared for more hilarious/wonderful photos!


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