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Engagement Session at Lake Fayetteville: Emily and Denny

So I sat down today to write about Emily and Denny’s wedding, but then I realized I somehow didn’t share their engagements or her bridals yet! I have no idea how I managed to do that. I think I just got busy with so many other things. That’s what tends to happen every year. Anyway, I sharing Emily and Denny’s engagement session at Lake Fayetteville today, Emily’s bridal portraits in a few days, and then I’ll wrap it up with their wedding.

Engagement Session at Lake Fayetteville: Emily and Denny

This was my first time to meet Denny, but I’ve known Emily for quite some time. She is friends with my cousin Elizabeth, and she also does hair, so I’ve seen her at several weddings. She is a hoot and a half. She has such a great personality (her accent is awesome!) and is super sweet and kind. Half the time she was more concerned for me than herself and making my life easy. That’s a very rare trait.

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Denny also has quite the personality. He’s a Fayetteville High grad, so I automatically liked him. He’s also part of a very strong Fayetteville crew that is really close. Throughout the engagement session, we talked about football and all types of FHS things.

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It was a hot day, which can make things difficult, but these two were troopers. We shot around Lake Fayetteville, and there were a lot of different options. There’s the walkway by the lake, the greenery around the trail, and then there’s a dock. We tried to hit it all up as quickly as possible, so we wouldn’t melt.

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I thoroughly enjoyed my time with Emily and Denny on their engagement session at Lake Fayetteville, like I knew I would. I was so excited when I heard she was engaged, and this was just the start of an amazing adventure for her wedding. Come back and see the rest of their lovely photos!

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