engagement session at Park Springs Park

Engagement Session at Park Springs Park

It’s been over a month since my little trip to Kansas City for Dakota and Zach’s engagement session. It was such a fun time that I’m already planning another trip in the future. What was really cool is that we actually did another engagement session with these two the following week, but it was here in NWA. This time, Dakota showed me a hidden gem, and we did their engagement session at Park Springs Park.

Engagement Session at Park Springs Park

Park Springs Park is located in a really interesting place. It’s in Bentonville, but you have to drive through some neighborhoods to get there, and then, poof, there it is. There’s not much to the park, but down below, you have trails, a creek, bridges, and a lot to explore. For our session, we really didn’t go very far. We stayed within 100 yards of where we started, and it was so crazy how much we were able to get.

couple on bridge over creekcouple leaning togethercouple sitting on bridge

It was really difficult for me to pick a favorite photo from this engagement session. I think I’ll have to go with one of the wide shots in front of the creek. I was able to position them on the bridge where the creek and its flow went right in front of them. The wide shot shows off all the beauty of the place and right in the middle of it, you have this wonderful couple!

engagement session at Park Springs Parkpiggy back ride in engagement photosengagement photos in park

We did get to do something a little different and fun for Zach this time. He’s a big OU fan, so they whipped out some jerseys. We did some lovey-dovey poses, but the real fun was throwing the horns down. If you don’t know what that means, it’s simply saying BOO to Texas.

couple in OU jerseys

It won’t be long before these two get married, and I’m so excited for the big day. I really enjoy just hanging out with them and talking about things, they are great together, and I get to go to a new venue! Can’t wait!

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