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Engagement Session in the Woods

A few days ago, I shared one of my mini engagement sessions, and now I’m back to share another one! The crazy thing is how different the two shoots were even though they happened within an hour of each other. The atmosphere was the same (we had a ton of laughs and fun), but Brandon and Ashley were very different as far as their lives than the other couple. I love this! It’s so great getting to meet different people and see what they are all about. Check out their engagement session in the woods.

Engagement Session in the Woods: Ashley and Brandon

As I mentioned before, these shoots were short for engagements, under 30 minutes. I was scrambling to get a lot of pictures done and get to know everyone. The one thing that really stuck out in our conversation is these two really were into D & D. For those of you that don’t know, that’s Dungeons and Dragons, and it’s an adventure game that’s really popular.

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I have never played D & D, so I was full of questions. I wanted to know how all of it worked. They were really cool about it all and answered all of my questions. I’m sure I was getting pretty annoying. I bet they’ve been getting that a lot lately with the popularity of Stranger Things (they play D & D on the show).

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Brandon and Ashley were such happy people. One of my favorite things was Ashley’s hat. She had this big hat, and you just don’t see that very much these days. It fit really well with her outfit, and I think her personality overall. They seemed like the type of people to have their own style and way of doing things. Toward the end of the shoot, Brandon even put the hat on, and we all got a big kick out of that!

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Different but Wonderful!

Ashley and Brandon were very different from Katie and Clarke and that’s perfect! I love that on the same day I can meet two couples, talk about different things, and still have a good time. The world is a wonderful place!

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