Eureka Springs Elopement

Eureka Springs Elopement

America is full of wonderful cities and really interesting places. I really wish I could travel more and just see what all is out there. I’ve never been much of a traveler, but maybe in the future I’ll get to go around the country. One place I have visited is Eureka Springs. It’s a neat, old town here in Arkansas, and it’s a popular travel destination. For those that don’t want a normal wedding, they should look into a Eureka Springs Elopement.

Eureka Springs Elopement

I actually shot an elopement there about 4 years ago. The couple was from Tennessee I believe, and they brought down about 10 people with them and had a little wedding. It was perfect for what they wanted, and everyone had a great time.

Eureka Springs Elopement

Eureka Springs is a well known elopement location. It is an older city, so it has a lot of charm and old streets and little shops. There are also two amazing locations for the wedding: The Crescent Hotel and Thorncrown Chapel.

The Crescent Hotel in Eureka Springs

The Crescent Hotel is over a hundred years old and is mainly known for being haunted. Besides that, it has a beautiful reception for that is the definition of classy, an outdoor ceremony site, trees and land around the hotel, and rooms for your guests.

inside of Crescent Hotel

Thorncrown Chapel in Eureka Springs

Thorncrown Chapel is famous as well. It’s a glass chapel designed by E. Fay Jones and resembles the other chapel, Mildred B. Cooper. This place is amazingly beautiful. It’s surrounded by trees and the architecture is just stunning.

Thorncrown wedding portrait

These are only two of the spots in Eureka Springs. I’m sure there are several other spots that are well known and some hidden gems as well. It could be fun just to go there and explore the whole city.

inside of Thorncrown chapel

Arkansas has a ton of great places to elope, but Eureka Springs might be the best option out there. It’s hard to explain, but there’s just something special about that city. If you’re planning a Eureka Springs elopement or already did elope, I’d love to hear your plans.




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