Event Nation bridal show at the John Q. Hammons center

This weekend I have the Event Nation bridal show at the John Q. Hammons center. It’s going to be a blast but it always requires a lot of planning and effort. There’s the booth design, prizes, and packages to consider. Each one could have a large effect on my success at the show.

Event Nation bridal show at the John Q. Hammons center

The booth is what usually requires the most time and effort. Before we were actually building a fake wall. Making it before the show took about four hours and setting up the day of would take about two hours. Now I’m using a metal wall. It doesn’t take nearly as much skill or time to set up. We basically have a wall that we hang photos on and a table with albums. That’s about it.

I always do some sort of drawing for a prize inside my booth. It gives the brides a reason to come in and talk to me. The main prize I’ve done in the past is a free engagement session. Most people like this but the winners very rarely convert into clients. This year I’m looking to give a print or video upgrade so the winner has to be someone that uses me for their wedding.

Probably the most important thing is what I offer in my packages. Do I do prints or digitalis? Do I include an album? How high should be my starting package? This is a tough combo to answer. Some people won’t even consider you if your prices are too high while others care about what they get. I know I can’t please everyone but I’d like to book as many brides as possible.

I still have about a day to prepare and make my final decisions for the Event Nation bridal show at the John Q. Hammons center. Most likely I won’t make any major changes to my plans but I do have to print out things and get everything together. It’s a lot of planning but I really do love talking to all the brides and enjoy being part of it. I can’t wait!

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