Event Nation’s January 2017 Bridal Show

I am pretty wore out today. Yesterday I was working basically from 8 in the morning till around 5:30 at the Event Nation’s January 2017 Bridal Show. Now I know that’s not a long time to work, but it was more of an emotional and mental stress than anything. We were busting it that morning to get everything ready on time, and then I was talking to people all day long. I might be tired, but I had an amazing time!

Event Nation’s January 2017 Bridal Show


We were allowed to setup at 8 Sunday morning, and we had until 11:30 to be done, and brides came in at 12. You’d think that’s plenty of time to get things done, but every time we find ourselves working to the end. We tend to do more for our setup than the average booth, and it’s only my father and I doing it, so that might explain things. It was kind of funny. We were there all morning and then watched some people show up at like 10:30 and they still finished before us. A few years ago, they let us setup the night before, and I found that a lot easier because we weren’t as strapped for time. It still works the way it is, but it was nice to have that extra time.

Event Nation's January 2017 Bridal Show
My bridal show setup

The Event Nation Bridal Show

Bridal shows can be hit or miss. Sometimes there’s a great turn out and I have a lot of success. Other times it’s a complete waste of time. I think there are several factors that play into it like time of year, location, and the people running it. This show was awesome. I felt like there were a ton of brides the whole time, and a large portion of them seemed like my ideal client. Usually I have an hour of doing nothing, and most of the people are there looking for the cheapest option. I didn’t have much interaction with the people running the show, but they did come by and check on me a few times while we were setting up. That was nice.

Results from the Bridal Show

At this point it’s hard to completley judge the results from the show. I will say that I already had one contact from the show, and I should be getting a deposit in the next few days. For a wedding photographer that’s pretty big. It usually takes people a lot longer to make that decision. There were several good conversations I had as well, so I am hopeful about those as well.

I’ve been doing bridal shows for about 6-7 years now. Event Nation’s January 2017 Bridal Show has been one of the best experiences I’ve had in that time. I plan on doing the January show again for sure, and I will most likely doing the August show as well. If you’re in the wedding world, you should check it out. It could really help your business.

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