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Everything you need to know about The Ravington wedding venue

The Ravington is Centerton’s most sought-after wedding venue. The Ravington offers the perfect space to host your special day, and has many different packages available. Whether you are looking for a simple ceremony or lavish reception, The Ravington can meet any of your needs. This blog post will provide an in depth look at what makes The Ravington so great!

The Ravington wedding venue in Centerton, AR

The Ravington wedding venue is one of the newer wedding venues in Northwest Arkansas, but it has quickly become one of the classiest and interesting venues in Northwest Arkansas.

History of Main Street in Centerton AR

In the past, Centerton was mainly known for apples and actually won worldwide renown. Eventually there was a decline and the city’s growth slowed.

Main Street has always been the hub for Centerton. It has years of history and in the past 100 years , it has gone through several transformations. Ravington is now part of the Centerton history.

The building that is now The Ravington was once a grocery store, hardware store, and was used for other things like making “Lucky” rabbit’s feet, a church, and an antique store.

It’s amazing that it has gone through so many transformations but the building has remained relatively the same throughout the years.

When was The Ravington wedding venue built?

When I first heard about The Ravington I was extremely excited. The venue owners Eric and Amber Gustafsons created the wedding venue from the old brick building, which was basically empty like a blank canvas. That let them create whatever they wanted, and they went all out.

The-Ravington wall and strairs

Benefits and Features of The Ravington

The Ravington is truly a unique venue with so much style. I can’t think of another place like it in Arkansas. It perfect for a wedding ceremony, reception, party, or cooperate event.

The Ravington has several different spaces, each with its own look and helps create a perfect atmosphere.

Bridal Suite

The whole building is the definition of class and style. The bridal suite is one of the upper rooms and is has easy access through a backdoor. This is nice so the bride can sneak in and out. The bridal suite is all white. Even the exposed brick has been painted white to match. In the room there is a large window, a lovely full length mirror, a wall full of mirrors for makeup, and a white couch.

bride sitting on white couch in Ravington bridal suite

Another fun thing is there is a stained glass window that looks down on the main floor. It’s gives them a way to peek down and see what’s going on without being seen. Often, the bride will want to see what’s going on or the bridesmaids will watch a first look through the window.

window of bridal suite at the Ravington

The bridal suite has plenty of room, and most wedding days, the ladies will spend the majority of the getting ready time in there. It also works perfectly for photos of the bride. The window light, mirror, and couch help create something beautiful.

Groom’s Suite

Often, the guys are overlooked when it comes to the venue. I’ve seen guys not have a place to get ready or use a bathroom. That’s not the case at The Ravington.

groom sitting on chair in groom's suite at Ravington

The men also have their own upstairs area that is just perfect for guys. While the bridal suite was clean and white, the groom’s quarters is designed for guys. There are leather chairs, whiskey glasses, and several interesting pieces of decor including a painting of a raven.


wedding at the Ravington

The guys can use this space to chill out or have fun. I’ve seen them play video games, drinking games, or just hang out and tell stories.

high angle of dance floor at Ravington wedding

To get to the groom’s suite, you have to walk through the main room and go up a set of stairs in the corner. The room is more open with a set of rails on one end. This allows the guys to see everything that’s happening below. Sometimes I’ll sneak up there to get a unique angle.

Main Floor

On the main floor you have two large, open rooms. One side is mainly used for tables and dinner, while the other side usually is used for the wedding ceremony and then the dance floor.

head table at the Ravington

There are many unique features to these areas. It has red brick walls that have an interesting texture to them. There are high ceilings which really make the room feel open.

groom being tossed into the air


When they built it, they added some nice touches of their own. The wood floors were made from barrels, they brought in antique doors for the entrance and a giant wall that is used as a backdrop for indoor wedding ceremonies from out of the country, and they add the perfect touch to the building.

back of bride at The Ravington


On the main floor there are two bathrooms, a kitchen, and an extra space underneath the groom’s suite. The Ravington is mainly a for weddings, but because it has all of these features it is popular for all types of events and parties.

Outside The Ravington

An important thing to look for when choosing a venue is the ability to have an outdoor or indoor ceremony. The Ravington has both covered.


Outside you have a beautiful brick courtyard with lights strung from the roof to the wall and a small area with plants and a fountain. This area is perfect for a ceremony, cocktail hour or portraits later in the evening.

outside of the Ravington

This courtyard is beautiful! The brick walls are painted white similarly to the bridal suite. The ground is a mixture of a red brick pattern with a white brick pathway down the middle. Right at the center, there is a circle that says The Ravington.

wide shot of bride in doorway

What’s included for events and weddings?

There are several options in Arkansas for weddings, and each place will include different things. It’s important to know what you will get and what you will have to rent separately.

dancing at the Ravington

The Ravington includes almost everything you need. You get the venue for the entire day. Some places will give you the day before to setup, but the Ravington has events most Fridays and Sundays as well. You can use the space for bridals or engagements, so that’s an added bonus.

engagement photo with the lights at the Ravington

On the wedding day, you get tables and chairs, 2 bars, a portable sound system, special up lighting, trash cleanup, and a site manager to make sure things go smoothly. There’s also some other furniture downstairs. There are a few antique benches against the walls.

groomsmen hanging out at the Ravington

How much does The Ravington cost?

The Ravington is a premiere wedding venue in Northwest Arkansas, so expect to pay for the stunning location and experience. The price to rent The Ravington will vary depending on the situation. In peak season for a Saturday, you will be in the $7000 range. Fridays and Sundays will be cheaper.

giant wedding party outside of the Ravington

They also offer discounted rates starting at $3000 for Monday through Thursday. Short notice dates like elopements can be discussed.

Where is the Ravington Located?

Centerton has grown so much over the years, but it is still very easy to find The Ravington. Once in Centerton, turn right at the main light to go down Main Street. After 100 yards, you’ll see The Ravington on the left. Parking is across the street.

If you are wanting to plug it into your GPS, the address is 293 N Main Street. From my experience, GPS will take you right to it.

Most likely your guests will want to stay in one of the surrounding cities. Bentonville is only 11 minutes away.

The Ravington – Ratings and Features

A beautiful venue is nice, but what if there are other issues? What if the service or experience is terrible? An easy way to get an idea of what to expect is to look at reviews and ratings for a venue as well as where it has been featured.

How is the Ravington rated?

The Ravington has really impressive ratings. Right now on Google, it has 120 reviews with an overall score of 4.6. That’s amazing considering every event will have a few hundred people and any of them might leave a review. It’s hard to please a few hundred different people, so I’m amazed at what they do.

silhouette first dance wedding photo

The most often things people mention are the owners, the bridal suite, and the courtyard. I’ve already talked about the beautiful spaces, but that means a lot that people are constantly mentioning the owners. That tells me they are very involved in creating the perfect experience.


The Ravington has been seen on some of the biggest platforms in the country. They were featured in Style Me Pretty, June Bug Weddings, Arkansas Bride, and even a TLC show.


Weddings at the Ravington

If you can’t visit the venue in person, check out some of our images and real weddings from this great venue. It will give you an idea of all the different ways vendors and couples use this elegant space.

Chris and Kortney’s Wedding 

Tate and Elizabeth’s wedding

If you like what you see, please contact the Ravington wedding venue. They book up quickly so I suggest you hurry before you miss out on your date.

If you’re looking for an upscale venue in Centerton AR with large open spaces and tons of class that’s family owned, The Ravington is for you.

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