sunlit wedding portrait at willow brooke farm

Fall Wedding at Willow Brooke Farm

October and fall were crazy this year for weddings. I believe overall we had 9 weddings in 3 different states! It was busy, but I really loved traveling and seeing so many wonderful people.

One weekend, we actually had 3 weddings. I traveled to St. Louis for a Friday wedding, and then to KC for Saturday. We were so lucky that Mariah was able to stay here and capture Mark and Sydney’s fall wedding at Willow Brooke Farm. I did their engagement session, so I knew how awesome they are and that there wedding would be something special.

Mark and Sydney’s Love Story

Mark and Sydney’s story is an interesting one.

“Well Sydney and I met around 9 years ago back in 10 grade. She started dating a friend of mine. We got to be close friends in 12 grade when they broke up and I stopped talking to her ex. I was about to ask her to prom and they got back together. We all stayed friends even after we graduated I moved to College Station TX for College. Sydney and I Skyped almost every day for around 4 hours. I always knew there was a spark between us but it just took time.”

Eventually the relationship ended with the other guy and they could finally be together forever. Now I get to share all the fun stuff that happened on their wedding! The really great thing about this is I wasn’t there, so I really get to feel what it is like to experience a wedding just through the photos.

The first thing that stuck out was how much fun everyone was having. The guys were striking all types of funny poses and even did a big group jump. The girls started out hanging out upstairs with some drinks and laughs. Later that came out for portraits, and my favorite shot was of Sydney spinning around. It really made her smile!

After that, they did two first looks: one with dad and one with Mark. They both were so emotional and joyful at the same time. It’s a toss up for which one got me more. Two beautiful moments!

Wedding Details

Mark and Sydney had some wonderful decorations and details at their wedding. There were cupcakes with the cake, which I’m always a fan of more sugar. Mark had a sweet watch and tie clip that made him look super cool.

The coolest and most unique thing though was a giant paint by number. The guests were asked to come and paint in a section. How cool is that??? The guests get to be involved and the couple will get something to keep to forever remind them of the wedding and their friends and family.

The wedding reception

It really looks like everyone enjoyed the reception. The dance floor was full and everyone had huge smiles. I love being part of that energy! The night ended with a sparkler exit and a big kiss!

I really wish I could be at every wedding. I love seeing the couples and all the little things that happen throughout the day. I can tell from the photos that Mark and Sydney’s wedding was a special one.

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