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Family Session at Lake Fayetteville

Yay! It’s Bailey and Jeremy’s wedding week! I know they are excited and I’m pumped as well. I already shared their engagement photos, but I didn’t share this other wonderful session we did for them. We had a chance to get Jeremy’s kids together and do a family session at Lake Fayetteville.

Family Session at Lake Fayetteville

Weddings and marriage are hard enough on their own, but when you add in children, it can make things even tougher. The great news is that from what I saw is Bailey and Jeremy’s children get along wonderfully. That always makes me happy to see that! I’m sure it’s a mixture of the sweetness of Bailey and the overall goodness of the kids.

family walking holding hands

For this family session, we worked our way around Lake Fayetteville. There are so many ways to go and things to do out there, but we headed east and did most of our shots near the disc golf course. This took a bit of walking, but it did give us a chance to do a fun shot. There was a trail for us to walk on, but I saw a field that looked interesting. I had them all spread out and hold hands and walk. I know this shot has been done before, but I really loved it. There’s something about a family being connected and moving together.

We found a few other spots like a fence and a field with trees, and then we went into the woods on the disc golf course. The only tough thing about this spot was I was worried about people playing and hitting us with a disc.

kids on swing

My favorite spot of the shoot was over on the playground. Anytime you can get kids on a playground, do it! It makes them so happy and gets really unique shots that you wouldn’t get other places, like them flying through the air on a swing! There was a picnic table there as well, and the kids crawled all over it. It was perfect for a shot of the three kids, but we also got a really nice group shot on it.

kids standing on tablefamily photo seated

This weekend is going to be awesome! Bailey and Jeremy are just fun to be around, and now I know how great the kids are as well. I can’t wait to be a part of their big day at Sassafras and then share it with all of you!

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