Fayetteville Engagement Photos: Andrew and Liz

It’s been about 8 years since my first teaching job at Mayflower High School, and I’m still getting the chance to shoot for some of the students. A few weeks ago, a former student and a former football player of mine made the drive for some Fayetteville engagement photos.

Fayetteville Engagement Photos: Wilson Park

Wilson Park is a great place for photos as long as you can avoid all the people. It’s got a good variety of spots and looks. It wasn’t too crowded when we went, but there was some really small concert going on.

I was really impressed at Andrew’s ability in front of the camera. A lot of guys are self conscious and awkward at first, but he just jumped right in and made it work. Maybe it’s because he knew me or maybe he is just that awesome.

University of Arkansas

We spent the majority of our time at Wilson Park, but they were interested in getting a shot in front of the stadium. We shot over there for a few photos. We started in front of the stadium, and then moved up the hill to get more of the stadium in the background. While we were there we threw in a few last minute poses that really turned out nice.

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I’ve been out of Mayflower long enough that I will soon run out of former students to work with. Even though I’m not shooting their wedding, I’m glad to got to be involved with Liz and Andrew and shoot their Fayetteville engagement photos.

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