Fayetteville Engagement Photos: Dan and Jennifer

I love working with people that I know, so when I found out that Jennifer, a bride I met at a bridal show, was engaged to Dan, I was excited because we went to high school together. We weren’t really around each other much in high school, but all Fayetteville kids rock, so I knew it would be great. We got together for their Fayetteville engagement photos, and it was exactly what I expected.

Fayetteville Engagement Photos: Dan and Jennifer

Dan and Jennifer met me at Mount Sequoyah in Fayetteville. It’s a beautiful place, but the weather wasn’t being that cooperative. When I first arrived, it was drizzling a little bit. Nothing crazy, but rain is rain. By the time I walked to the cross at the top of the mountain, the rain had stopped. It’s amazing how that works.

We started shooting by the cross with the Fayetteville skyline behind them. It was a bit bright out, so I couldn’t really capture the background, but the greenery behind them still made it beautiful. The cross is up on a big concrete platform, so I had Dan and Jennifer lean into it and interact.

From there, we moved a little bit to the road that winds around the area. I was able to get back into the trees and use a branch in the foreground to surround the lovely couple. My favorite shot of the day came from this area when Jennifer hugged Dan and put her head next to his. Next we climbed up a hill to  an area with trees just past where they have ceremonies. We did a few different things here. I had Jennifer hop on his back, which is always fun.

On our way back to their cars, we decided to stop for one more pose. I had them both sit on a brick wall. While I was walking back to get a better angle, I looked at them and they were having the sweetest interaction. I quickly swung my camera into place and took some shots. I’ve found that some of the best photos are when people aren’t really paying attention to the photographer. That’s when people are themselves and relax.

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Dan and Jennifer’s wedding will be my first one for 2016, so that’s pretty exciting. I think it will be the perfect way to start off the new year. For now, I’m still excited about their Fayetteville engagement photos and Jennifer’s upcoming bridal portraits.

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