Fayetteville Engagement Photos- Heston and Danielle

Looking back through my blog and photos, I just realized that I somehow missed this ridiculously beautiful session. Heston and Danielle totally rocked their Fayetteville engagement photos, and they had several of my favorite engagement shots of the year. I really can’t believe I didn’t share these earlier.

Fayetteville Engagement Photos: urban meets nature

In Fayetteville, like most cities, I’m sure, you can get a variety of different settings and backgrounds for photos. For Danielle and Heston’s photos, we were able to get an urban look and then drive a little bit to find nature as well. It’s the best of both worlds.

Our adventure started on Dickson Street. I found a bench out in front of the brewery and had them sit there while I raced across the street. I had to time things perfectly to get a photo of them and avoid all the traffic. Then we moved on to a little garden next to the Walton Arts Center. It’s got some cool arches and greenery. Down the road a bit, there’s this hill that leads up past some restaurants. I had Heston and Danielle hug at the top and it looked like we were in the middle of nowhere, not the city. The last place in the city was a red brick wall. They did some leaning poses and interacted next to it.

From there, we drove out of the city to this random road. I’ve seen it several times, but this was the first time I ever used it. Down this road are just these giant trees on both sides. It looks like something out of a movie. There is a house at the end, but for some reason it is condemned or no one lives there. This place gave us a lot of variety. We did some leaning on trees, a pickup and dip, and they used a chalkboard with a special message.

The last part of the engagement session was more about their personality. They both changed into camouflage, and we found a field with some tall grass. I think this was Heston’s favorite part of the session. It seemed like his type of thing to do.

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Heston and Danielle’s Fayetteville engagement photos really are some of my favorites. The couple worked well together, the poses looked natural, and the environment had bright colors and variety. In a few days, I’ll be posting their wedding as well, so be on the lookout for that.

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