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Fayetteville Engagement Session: Joe and Amy

It’s been about a year and a half since I stopped teaching and started photography full time. I still have managed to keep up with several of the teachers I worked with, and I actually am getting to work with one of the teachers. Joe has been a history teacher at Woodland for quite some time, and I was excited when he contacted me about photographing his wedding. Awhile back we had a Fayetteville engagement session. It’s been awhile but I still wanted to share it all with you guys.

Fayetteville Engagement Session: Joe and Amy

It always amazes me how people with such different personalities find each other and fall in love. I guess that’s why they always say opposites attract. Joe and Amy have pretty opposite personalities. Joe is more of the quiet, controlled type and Amy is much more of a free spirit. I wasn’t sure how this dynamic would play out in photos, but everything turned out amazing.

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We did the engagement session on the Fayetteville Square, and there was quite a bit going on. I don’t remember what exactly was happening, but there were a ton of people everywhere. We had to do some people dodging, but it really wasn’t that hard. We started near where we parked and just kind of walked up and down streets, stopping when I saw something interesting. I’ve shot on the Fayetteville Square several times, but I still was able to find a few new spots.

engagement photo with leaves surrounding couple leaning together and laughing engagement photo head touching high angle portrait of engaged couple Fayetteville engagement session on the fayetteville square

Amy and Joe’s wedding happened a few weeks ago, and it was fun day as well, and I got to see several other teachers. I’ll be sharing that day when I get all the photos edited. Anyway, their Fayetteville engagement session was a good start. They got to see how I worked, and I was able to see how they interacted, which all led up to the most important thing…their wedding day!

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