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Fayetteville Square Engagement Photos: Michelle and Arnulfo

Some couples are just so easy to work with and interact smoothly with each other. Those shoots are so easy. All I really have to do is put them somewhere and push a button. Michelle and Arnulfo’s Fayetteville Square Engagement Photos were like this. I’m pretty sure Michelle use to be a model at some point in her life. It just came naturally to her. Arnulfo killed it as well.

Fayetteville Square Engagement Photos: Michelle and Arnulfo

The Fayetteville Square is a great place for photo shoots. You have all types of different buildings and textures. You have a ton of different streets to go down. There are even some spots that look like you’re out in nature. I’ve been using the Fayetteville Square for several, several years. I still am finding new spots and new ways of doing things. It’s awesome!

couple leaning against a wall Fayetteville Square Engagement Photos: Michelle and Arnulfo couple leaning against a wallengagement couple with a cool building

As I tend to do for most of my engagement shoots, I wander around looking for good spots and talk to the couple. I try not to go into a shoot with a plan because then I might miss something cool on the way. We basically walked down some streets, and I would stop and have them go over to a spot. Like I said, I’ve been here a ton of times, but this was the first time I found this little green spot. I was pretty surprised because most of the Square is buildings. We were able to capture a completley different look in that area.

showing off the ring during an engagement shoot engagement photos looking into each other's eyes kissing fiance on the cheeck couple holding hands and looking backEngagement photo in a parking garage engagement photos holding hands

This was such an easy shoot. I think you can see it in their Fayetteville Square Engagement Photos. They are just relaxed and look awesome. Everything about them was easy. Maybe it’s their past experience with pictures, or maybe it’s just how much they love each other. I don’t know, but I love how these photos turned out!

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