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Fayetteville Trails Engagement Session

One of the most exciting things about my job is every day is different. I actually do different things like take photos, write blog posts, and edit photos, but I mean more the experience. Every day I get a new experience. I meet new people and go to new places and do new things. For Evette and Emanuel’s engagement session, I got to try out a new location (the Fayetteville Trails) and meet two new, fun people!

Fayetteville Trails Engagement Session

I shoot at the same places a lot, so I’m always looking for new, interesting spots. I can’t remember exactly how I found it, I think I just drove by, but one day, I decided to explore the Fayetteville trails in a new spot. This area is right as you enter into Johnson. There’s a little parking lot, a big field, and then the trail. I took my kids out there and we ventured both directions for about 30 minutes, and I knew this would be an amazing spot for photos.

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This engagement session was a special deal I have with The Diamond Center. When a couple buys an engagement ring from them, they get a free engagement session for me. Pretty sweet deal.

I instantly liked Evette and Emanuel. They were bubbly and fun and had great chemistry. It was so easy talking with them and getting beautiful photos. Evette is a teacher, so that’s always a great connection for me since I taught for 10 years. Teachers can always talk and share stories. Emanuel is quite the buff guy and even works with a company connected with gyms. Again, my type of guy.

engagement photos in the woodsforest engagement photossunny engagement photo

The great thing about this location is the variety. We started on the trail where I found a nice spot of light. Then, we just started walking. I found two really fun spots. There was an opening in the trees that led back to the creek. I really liked how the trees surrounded them. A few hundred feet down, there was an area where the trees were more open so you could see back into the woods. The sun was shining down into it. It was a bit of a pain (spiders and mosquitoes), but it was such a cool spot! Further down, we found a big open field and the light was strong but worked perfectly.

engagement photo walking through a fieldbacklit engagement photo

At that point, we headed back the other direction. We didn’t go as far that way because the sun was starting to go down. We climbed down into the creek bed by the bridge and got a completely different look. We had the water in the background and the rock. So cool. We quickly went back and they changed into another outfit and we knocked out a few more shots in that open field.

engagement photos by a creekhugging fiance in photosfunny couple running through a field

Whew! It’s amazing we were able to do so much in such a small area and in such a short amount of time. The time really did fly with these two. I had to control myself because I kept finding things to talk about, but we had to keep moving. I’m really excited about how these photos turned out! So many great emotions and so many beautiful backgrounds! What a great day! Meeting new people, using a new location, and creating wonderful memories!


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