Fayetteville Wedding Photographer: Dan and Jennifer’s Engagement

If you feel like you’ve already seen Dan and Jennifer’s engagement session, well that’s because you have. Dan and Jennifer are so awesome we did two sessions. The first session was fun, but the weather didn’t really work out and we didn’t have a lot of color. As a Fayetteville wedding photographer, I want my clients to have the perfect session, and I think the second engagement session was even better than the first.

Fayetteville Wedding Photographer: Dan and Jennifer’s Engagement

Dan and Jennifer introduced me to a new location, and I’m glad they did. Up toward Sequoia on the east side of Fayetteville is a little place called the Confederate Cementary. It’s surrounded by this big brick wall, and there are trees throughout. In the middle there’s a giant statue as well.

The place isn’t that big, but you can get different looks from one spot to the next. We did some standing, some seated, some against the wall, and then some outside on the road. Besides avoiding some houses in the background, we could shoot in almost any direction and get something beautiful.

Fayetteville wedding photographer sitting on his lap Fayetteville wedding photographer seated in leaves Fayetteville wedding photographer looking at each other engagement Fayetteville wedding photographer black and white engagement Fayetteville wedding photographer leaning her head on his shoulder Fayetteville wedding photographer dipping her and kissing

Fayetteville wedding photographers are always looking for new places to shoot, so I’m so happy that Dan and Jennifer showed me this place. I’m also happy that we did another shoot for them. The color was beautiful and I think we outdid ourselves.

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