Fayetteville Wedding Photographer: Danielle and Heston’s Wedding

Yesterday I finally got around to sharing Danielle and Heston’s engagement photos, so today is their Fayetteville wedding.  I shot one of their relative’s weddings several years back and they suggested me to Heston as a Fayetteville wedding photographer. I’m really glad they did because it was a beautiful wedding with incredibly happy, kind people.

Fayetteville Wedding Photographer: A New Venue

There are a several great options for wedding in Fayetteville, both churches and strictly wedding venues, but I still tend to shoot at the same place multiple times. For Danielle and Heston’s wedding, I got a chance to work at a new church, Living Faith Church. It’s located on the southeast side of Fayetteville, so that’s probably why I had never seen it before.  It’s a newer church, and even though it’s in Fayetteville, it still had some great spots for portraits. 

Unfortunately for us, it had been raining that day, so our options were a little limited, but we still made it work.  The church had a large entrance that was covered, so it was the perfect spot for a first look. Heston stood on the edge and Danielle snuck out through the doors to surprise him. The front of the church had some great lines and structure to it, so we started portraits off there. After that, we had to be a little more careful. I walked ahead of Danielle to make sure it wasn’t too muddy or wet, and we found a patch of trees and grass in between the church and the next building. It was only about 7 feet wide, so it took some composing to avoid all the other stuff going on.

After we got through the couple portraits, the bridal party, and some family portraits, it was time for the ceremony. The stage was higher up, so they decided to do something a little different. The couple stood up on the stage, but the pastor was down below. This allowed the couple to look out more toward the crowd and for the guests to be able to see them. I thought I had seen most things in a ceremony, but I saw something new. When the couple had their first kiss and started to walk out, the fathers shot off confetti into the air.

The reception took place right next door at the student center. When I walked in, though, I never would have guessed this place was for kids. They did an amazing job decorating it and transforming the whole place. The stage was lit with different lights and had a “M” on the back wall.  The cake area had two street lights illuminating the cake with archway in the background. The back of the room had a candy bar, a giant custom made menu, a Smores bar, and a long table covered with food with a massive flower centerpiece. 

Heston and Danielle weren’t planning on dancing, but in the end, had a very quick first dance on the stage. Danielle and Heston both love people, so the majority of the reception was them walking around and talking to all the people they loved.

Fayetteville wedding photographer Toms and bracelt Fayetteville wedding photographer bouquet on wood bench Fayetteville wedding photographer dress hanging black and white Fayetteville wedding photographer wedding ring in flowers Fayetteville wedding photographer bride with dress spread aroundFayetteville wedding photographer first look hug Fayetteville wedding photographer portrait holding his head Fayetteville wedding photographer black and white couple portrait front of church Fayetteville wedding photographer bride and groom portrait outside Fayetteville wedding photographer flower girl sign Fayetteville wedding photographer flower girl signFayetteville wedding photographer flower girl with signFayetteville wedding photographer confetti exitFayetteville wedding photographer headed to receptionFayetteville wedding photographer custom menu for foodFayetteville wedding photographer buffet table with large flower center pieceFayetteville wedding photographer purple and white candy barFayetteville wedding photographer Smores barFayetteville wedding photographer groom's cake hunting bowFayetteville wedding photographer wedding cake with light postsFayetteville wedding photographer wedding cakeFayetteville wedding photographer gift tableFayetteville wedding photographer head table with signFayetteville wedding photographer black and white first dance kissFayetteville wedding photographer first danceFayetteville wedding photographer sparkler exit

The night ended with Heston and Danielle exiting to sparklers. The day started out rough with the rain, but in the end, nothing could stop these two. Everything worked out in the end, and their wedding was something I’ll always remember.

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