Fayetteville Wedding Photographer: Drew and Marianna

When I’m at weddings, I’m always hanging out with the bridal party and the people on the dance floor. I often wonder if I’ll get the chance to shoot any of their weddings. A few years ago I was at a wedding and when the bridal party showed up I saw two guys I knew from Fayetteville. I had coached Drew back in high school and I was extremely impressed with him at that point. After spending that wedding around him, I saw that he was still an amazing person. Ever since that wedding, I hoped to get to shoot Drew’s wedding someday. Lucky for me as a Fayetteville wedding photographer, I got my wish.

 Fayetteville Wedding Photographer: Drew and Marianna

There were a lot of great things about this wedding, but by far the thing that impressed me the most were the people. Everyone there, the ones I interacted with and the ones I just saw, were the happiest, upbeat people. There was just this amazing atmosphere the entire day. I guess it’s true that amazing people surround themselves with amazing people.macro shot ring in flowers dress hanging at Matt Lane Farm Bride putting in earrings Bride's reflection in mirror Groom before first look Emotional first look Bride smiling at Matt lane Farm

The entire day was spent at the Stone Chapel at Matt Lane farm, which is a great venue. I was quite lucky to get to shoot several weddings there this year. There were a few other things that really stuck out about this wonderful day. We did a first look in the area beside the chapel, and it was such a joyous moment. Drew and Marianna had so much emotion when they saw each other. It was a great moment to witness. One of the funnier parts of the day was the flower girl. I say flower girl, but really it was more of a flower woman. One of there friends was the flower girl and she was quite the character. The last thing that really amazed me was the dancing. The dance floor was just packed with people at the reception. Everyone was out there having a good time, including the little brothers.

sister crying at wedding bride and groom walking away Groomsmen looking cool groom whispering to bride bride leaning against fence Fayetteville Wedding Photographer Adult flower girl blowing flowers couple portrait in front of Matt Lane Farm First Dance in black and white everyone dancing at reception limbo dancing at reception

I know I will have more amazing weddings, but it really is a fun thing to see someone and want to be part of their wedding and then to actually get to do it. I’m so glad Drew and Marianna picked me over all the other Fayetteville Wedding Photographers. I truly felt privileged and joyed to be part of it.

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