Fayetteville Wedding Photographer: Laurel Engagement

Some sessions are really long and have a lot going on, but today’s session was super short. Laurel just wanted a few quick photos, which was good because it was freezing outside. If you’re a Fayetteville Wedding Photographer, you’ll recognized the background. Yep, we shot on Old Main lawn. It’s always a great place to shoot.

Fayetteville Wedding Photographer: Laurel Engagement Photos

Most people choose to shoot engagement photos in the Spring or Summer because the weather is warm and everything is pretty and in bloom. Well, we tried to do this with Laurel’s engagement shoot, but things kept getting in the way. We were going to shoot a few before a football game, but something happened. Then another time we had to cancel because Ryan’s truck had sprung a leak, and it was raining anyway. Even though it was cold, we didn’t let that stop us.

We did all of our shots right there on Old Main lawn and it took about 15-20 minutes. We started off with a group shot of them with their cute dogs. They behaved for the most part, so it was pretty quick. We did a few more shots just in that area, and then moved down the sidewalk. I place the couple  with Old Main in the background, and lit them with my Acute B to make them stick out and to darken the background. Our last location was the Old Main stairs. I pulled out my Magmods to try and do something a bit different. This was one of the first times I used it, so it didn’t work out exactly how I wanted, but still looked cool. I was using a grid to focus the light and I was wanting to create kind of a spotlight on them. Thinking about it now, I should have used two flashes, one for each person, and I should have turned the power up higher. Live and learn. Either way it still looked good.

Fayetteville Wedding Photographer with dogs Fayetteville Wedding Photographer smiling at each other Fayetteville Wedding Photographer laughing in front of Old Main Fayetteville Wedding Photographer kissing in front of Old Main Fayetteville Wedding Photographer Old Main steps U of A Fayetteville Wedding Photographer sitting on Old Main steps

As a Fayetteville wedding photographer, I’ve shot at Old Main probably 30 times, but this was definitely the fastest and coldest. I still loved hanging out with Laurel and Ryan and we got some great photos from the quick session.

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