Prairie Grove Engagement Photos: Reagan and Andy

I was going through some photos today, and I realized that I somehow missed sharing this amazing engagement session! Reagan and Andy’s engagement session was a blast and their Prairie Grove engagement photos turned out amazing.

Prairie Grove Engagement Photos: Reagan and Andy

I love engagement sessions because it’s a chance to meet people and have fun without the stress of the wedding day. This one really was fun. Reagan and Andy brought have great personalities, and to make things even greater, they brought their dog. I love dogs! They also brought a friend to help out, so I was just surrounded by awesomeness!

We shot at Prairie Grove Battlefield Park, and the weather and color was just amazing. We started off with dog photos, so he could just go and play. From there we moved around to different spots and we had so many options. As we were going , I saw the light coming through this one spot and knew it would make a good shot. I had Reagan and Andy go stand in it, and I backed up. It was a great mixture of background and foreground colors with pure emotion. They also had a fun idea for a picture. We put the dog in the foreground, and then they kissed in the background. It took a few tries to make it work, but it turned out very cute.

Engagement photo with dog Prairie Grove Engagement Photos Engagement photo at Prairie Grove Seated engagement photo engagement photo with beautiful background Dipping with blue sky during engagement photo

I love my job and I love meeting and working with new people. Reagan and Andy are awesome, and I know their wedding is going to be just as much fun as their Prairie Grove engagement photos. I still have a few months till then, so I’ll just have to wait for the magic.

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