Fayetteville Wedding Video: Lauren and JT

Some weddings are just plain fun, and that’s what we got with Lauren and Jt’s Fayetteville wedding video. There were so many fun things going on and so many personalities all over the place. I still laugh thinking about some of the things that happened.

Fayetteville Wedding Video: Lauren and JT

Everything that day took place at the Stone Chapel at Matt Lane farm. If it looks familiar, that’s because I shot Jill’s wedding there as well. The Stone Chapel is a relatively new venue but it’s got some great features, so I bet it will be a major venue within 3 years.

We started the day off with some first looks in the chapel. The first one was  with Lauren and JT. Lauren looked beautiful and JT was so excited to see her. Right afterwards, we hid Lauren again, and this time we brought in her father. He was even more emotional than JT. He really lost it when Lauren presented a special photo to him. What a great way to start off the day.

Right after that, we went outside for some group photos. My favorite part of this, and a big part of the day, was what was under the tuxes. Each guy had a different superhero shirt and socks. They pulled open their shirts to expose them. I thought that was pretty cool.

The chapel was beautiful and the whole ceremony was beautiful as well. The two moms lit a unity candle, and it was also cute when the two big brothers walked their mom down the aisle. JT was so excited to marry Lauren he jumped the gun a few times on his vows and had to restart, but that didn’t phase him at all. All he cared about was marrying her.

The reception was when things really got fun. The groomsmen lost the tops and when straight to the superhero shirts. They were going nuts the entire night. At one point, one of the guys even gave me a little slap on the behind. I just took it like I was doing a good job. The dancing was crazy, but the speeches were my favorite. Lauren’s two, goofy big brothers got up there and just had fun. Lauren might not have liked it, but I think that showed their personality. There was some crazy, crazy dancing and some fun in a photo booth. It was all great.

The night ended with the two exiting the chapel to all their friends waving glow sticks. Then JT and Lauren sped off into the night in a fancy, fast car. This was a great end to their Fayetteville wedding video. They started with fun and ended with a blast.

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