My First Year as a Full Time Photographer

Today’s post is a pretty special one for me. Every Sunday night, I start planning for the next week. I have these monthly calendars all printed out and I’ll sketch out all the things I need to do for that week. Well, tonight I realized something cool…I’ve run out of months. When I decided to quit my teaching job and go full time, I printed out a years worth, and I made it through it all. I had already realized I was near this point with the end of the school year, but seeing that calendar run out was pretty special. I can now say that I’ve survived my first year as a full time photographer!

My First Year as a Full Time Photographer

Before I say anything, I want to say that I am very blessed to be where I am and doing what I’m doing. Most people don’t like their job, and I can honestly say that I love what I’m doing. I feel less stress and less anger than I use to, and I feel like I’m actually growing my business.

As I mentioned in my post when I first announced I was going full time, this whole ride has been a giant leap of faith. The whole last year I was teaching I was praying about my future and looking for guidance. I knew I needed a change, and it was either going to be a new teaching position or quitting teaching. Well, God made it pretty obvious for me, but it was still scary leaving my safe job behind. Since then, my faith has continued to grow. Now I’ve been learning to trust in God’s provision. With photography, the money is not guaranteed. There were times when I got a little worried, but I’ve learned that God always comes through. Something would always show up when I needed it. I might not have been just rolling in the money, but I always had what I needed.

On the business side, I feel like I’ve grown a lot. When I had a full time job, it was hard to do much with my photography business. I really only shot and edited. I put some time into growing my business, but that was pretty minimal. Now I’m free to do so much more. I’ve changed up what I’m offering, I’m meeting new people, and most importantly, I feel like I’m providing a better overall service.

I’m excited for the future and what God has planned for me. I’ve already seen him move in so many ways. My biggest hope and dream, and what I honestly feel God has told me, is that in three years of being a full time photographer (two more years) I will be successful enough for Ashley to start working part time. This is something she really wants, and she put on hold for me to chase my dream. I believe in God’s time this will happen.

Thanks again for all of you that have supported throughout the years. So many of you have had such positive things to say. My first year as a full time photographer is over, and I’ll make sure to keep updating things as we progress.

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