Free Shutter Repair for the Nikon D750

One thing that really annoys me is when a company doesn’t stand behind it’s product. I believe that if you’re selling something, you need to protect and help your customers. If something goes wrong, you do your best to fix it and make it right. I’m happy to say that Nikon has done a pretty good job of taking care of their customers. The two cameras I currently own and use have both had some issues, and in both situations, I was able to send my camera in for free, and Nikon fixed things. Honestly with my most recent camera I didn’t even think anything was wrong with it, but then I saw a few posts from Nikon talking about the issues. I’m really glad I sent it in. If you own the D750, I highly suggest you take a look at the free shutter repair for the Nikon D750.

Free Shutter Repair for the Nikon D750

Both the Nikon D600 and the D750 have had shutter issues. The D600 had issues with oil getting all over the sensor and the D750 had something weird with a glare. Some people will complain that Nikon should have noticed and fixed the issue before releasing the camera. I agree that should have happened, but at least Nikon did the right thing and fixed all of them for free. With the D600, I never noticed the oil spots, but my shutter did eventually go out. The cool thing I was able to get it fixed for free when it would have cost me $500 or so. Now, I can’t say for sure there was anything wrong with my D750, but I always felt like the focus was just off a bit. I tried calibrating the lenses, but it still just didn’t seem right. I also noticed that my files were pretty overexposed even though they looked fine on the back of the camera. Yes I know that RAW files will be different, but I’ve never had them be off by a whole stop like that. My hope was that sending in the camera might fix some of these things, and heck, it was completley free, so why not do it?

I sent my camera off, and it took maybe three weeks to get it back. I’ve only used it a little bit, but things seem different. I feel like the autofocus is working much better now. The photos looked sharper, and I also didn’t have the same underexposure issue. It would seem that Nikon fixed my issues!

Free shutter repair for the Nikon d750 fixing focus issues with the Nikon d750

As I said, I haven’t fully tested everything with the camera yet. I’m about to have a ton of weddings, so there will be plenty of chances to try things out. Right now I’m feeling pretty optimistic about everything. So again, you might want to check out the Free Shutter Repair for the Nikon D750. It could fix problems you didn’t even know you were having.

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