bride and groom with sunset at Mildred B. Cooper Chapel

Glass Wedding Chapel in Arkansas

Many of my posts are about wedding planning and wedding tips, and it makes sense. Planning a wedding is a long and difficult process, and for many, it can be overwhelming. Most couples will spend over a year planning. Well, Katy and Jimmy pulled it off in less than a week! Yep, I’m not kidding. They chose one of the awesome Glass Wedding Chapels in Arkansas: Mildred B. Cooper Chapel. 

Glass Wedding Chapel in Arkansas: Mildred B. Cooper

I got an email on Monday about from Katy’s mom, and she told me that the wedding was going to be that Friday. After a few messages back and forth, we were good to go!

Usually I have several months and an engagement session to get to know the couple. This wasn’t the case, but I was still able to send them a questionnaire. I instantly realized that these two were going to be fun. I found out that Katy’s favorite show is Schitt’s Creek, which is a good one if you haven’t seen it. Jimmy made me laugh out loud. I asked his favorite candy. He responded with “steak.”

Groom portrait at LakePoint wedding venueclose up of bride with makeup

We started the day off at Lakepoint, and I quickly realized these two were just as much fun as I thought. I hung out with them and Katy’s parents while she got ready, so I was able to ask them all types of questions.

first look with fatherbridal portait at LakePointcouple portrait on barbridal portrait on a bar

Once Katy was ready, we did a first look in front of this cool wine wall with her father and then Jimmy. Then, we went around the corner and did some fun portraits with the bar. The really interesting part was that the whole time we had a crowd. There were people sitting in the backroom having drinks and making little jokes.

father and bride walking down the aisle at Mildred B. Cooper

The ceremony was at Mildred B. Cooper chapel, which is about 10 minutes from Lakepoint. As you can expect with 5 days of planning, this was more of an intimate wedding. I think there were about 15 people in attendance. Still, they made it special. Jimmy’s brother performed as Katy walked down the aisle, and there were definitely some emotions throughout the ceremony.

Glass Wedding Chapel in Arkansasclose up of bride and groom's handsIntimate wedding at Mildred B. Cooper Chapel

It was a bit cold outside, so we spent a lot of our time inside doing portraits. We were only outside for maybe 3 minutes, but we still were able to get 3 or 4 different shots. Then, we raced back to Lakepoint.

kissing in front of Mildred B. Cooper Chapelbride and groom with sunset at Mildred B. Cooper Chapel

Again, this was an intimate reception. There wasn’t dancing or speeches or anything like that. They formed a square and everyone sat down to eat dinner. It was perfect. Everyone was able to talk and joke and share stories.

wedding cake with berriesparents of couple celebrating weddingintimate wedding reception at Lakepoint

This wedding was one of the fastest planned weddings I’ve ever been involved in. Still, Katy and Jimmy did a wonderful job. They had the people the love with them, a beautiful ceremony, and a fun reception. In the end, that’s what matters.

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