Google Suspended My Business Page

I’ve talked several times about how important Google is to my business. I’d say about half of my weddings come from Google, so I’m always messing around with SEO. Well, I randomly remembered to check my ranking today, and something kind of freaked me out. I was no longer showing up on the top 3 local searches. I decided to look on the map and see all the people around me. That’s when I realized something strange, my business was no longer on the Google map at all. With a little digging, I found that Google suspended my business page!

Google Suspended My Business Page

So, let’s talk about why this even matters.  First, like I said, I was showing up on local searches in the top three. That means that when people do a search for a photographer in the Fayetteville area, I was popping up with two others. I’ve had plenty of people call me just from that. The good news is that I’m still showing up in the searches in other places, but I’d like to get that spot back. Two, my reviews are not showing up now. Before, you’d see my business name, a photo, and my overall review ranking. Now it’s gone.

I honestly have no idea why they suspended my account. I’ve had that account for years, and it’s very strange that all of a sudden they shut it down. I found a page and sent in a request, so hopefully they will either turn it around or at least call me to tell me what I did wrong so I can fix it.

The thing to take away from all of this is that’s important to check out your status on Google and in search engines. Google likes to change things and it could really screw things up for you. For me, this could cost me thousands of dollars. A few weeks off of Google could be the difference between booking a few weddings or not. That’s why it’s kind of a big deal, and hopefully I’ll have it fixed soon.

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