What should the Groom look for in a Wedding Photographer?

Weddings are focused around the bride, and I get it. Girls, in general, care more about details and pretty things and making the wedding day perfect, so practically everything centers around them. I completely understand that, but what about the grooms? Don’t they deserve something special on their wedding day? Shouldn’t there be something they can look forward to and enjoy or have some say in? I believe the wedding photographer is a great way to make the groom happy and feel comfortable the entire day. Most of the wedding things won’t really matter to him and he can ignore him, but what he can’t ignore is a photographer that’s bugging him or making him uncomfortable. So, what should the groom look for in a wedding photographer?

What should the Groom look for in a Wedding Photographer?

1. Will the photographer make the bride happy?

Guys, you need to hear this and the sooner you learn it the easier your life will be: if she isn’t happy, you won’t be happy. With that said, overall she has to like your photographer and be happy with him or her. Most likely what’s going to happen is she is going to do research and create a list of options. This is perfectly fine, but you might also do a little research of your own and add a few of your own names to the list. Again, though, she needs to be ok with the people you are suggesting. She’ll probably want to look at their work, but I bet she will be excited that you are being actively involved in the planning.

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2. Does the photographer make you feel comfortable or make you laugh?

Ok, once your fiance has narrowed down her list, the next step is a meeting with the photographer. Please, oh please, go to this meeting. I know it might sound miserable, but you want to have some input on this decision or you might be stuck with someone your entire wedding day that you can’t stand. So, go to the meeting and get a feel for this person.

While you’re at the meeting, see how you feel. Do you feel like you could talk to the photographer or do you feel awkward? Does the photographer show interest in similar things and try to talk to you? For example, I’m a big lover of sports, and most guys tend to love football. If that doesn’t work, I bring up goofy movies and we often laugh and share quotes. If you don’t feel like you can talk to them at the meeting, it probably won’t get better on the wedding day.

What should the Groom look for in a Wedding Photographer?

3. Does he or she seem to care about you?

Now, I don’t mean that in a real, deep emotional way, but does the photographer give you any attention or does he or she just focus on the bride? Does he or she look at you and ask you questions or is everything aimed at the bride? Does he or she suggest things that would benefit you and make you enjoy the day? If they aren’t bringing it up in the meeting, then they probably aren’t going to do it on the wedding day. It’s important to know whether the photographer is completely bride centered or wants to make you happy as well.

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As I mentioned earlier, the wedding day is all about the bride, so in the end, she will probably have the final say on the photographer, but she would love to hear your input. My suggestion would be to share this list (What should the Groom look for in a Wedding Photographer?) with her, so she knows that it’s important to you and what you care about. Good luck with it guys! I hope you find a photographer that rocks both of your worlds!

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