dramatic groom portrait with cigar

Groom Photography: It’s his day too!

Let’s be honest, weddings are mainly focused on the bride. I don’t think that surprises anyone. She does most of the searching and planning, she wears the big dress and gets the attention, and almost everything is focused on making her happy. I get that, and I think most guys are fine with it. I try my best, though, to make the day awesome for everyone! That means I put a lot of effort into our groom photography, so he feels special, too.

My Own Wedding Experience

I got married over 12 years ago, but I still can remember parts of the day and my photos clearly. My wedding was low key and short, but I remember the time spent hanging out with my groomsmen. There were plenty of photos I love from my big day, but some of my favorites were just me and the guys hanging out and being goofy.

Creating Interesting Groom Photography

The majority of my time at a wedding is spent doing things for the bride. Again, that’s to be expected. I always put aside some time just for the groom. I hang out with them and do photos just for them. Most of the time, these photos are ridiculous and will never hang on the wall, but they love it and have a good time.

Groom Photography

Besides doing funny photos with the guys, I try to create something special, something to make the groom look super cool. I’ve done some dramatic photos of the groom. One groom was smoking a cigar and another one was ripping open his tux to reveal a Batman shirt. From my experience, if you can find something they are interested in, then you can create something really special.

dramatic groom portrait with cigar

What should the Groom look for in a Wedding Photographer?

Brides want to have a perfect wedding day, but they also want their groom to be happy as well. Guys in general don’t like photos, so if I can make them have fun, then they will be happy. Then everyone wins! If you’ve got some interesting ideas for groom photography, please feel free to comment. I’m always looking for new ideas.

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