Hannah and Cooper’s Arkansas Engagement Photos

Like almost every wedding I do, I somehow find some connection I have with the bride or groom. Well, in this case, I actually found a connection to both of them. After some talking, Hannah’s mom realized that she went to school with my father. Then, when I found out the groom’s name, Cooper Trumbo, I realized I had taught his relatives. Small world. Anyway, these two have quite the personality, especially Hannah. She had the hardest time being serious and smiled and laughed so much. Their Arkansas engagement photos show the goofiness of the two but also how much they love each other.

Hannah and Cooper’s Arkansas Engagement Photos

Hannah and Cooper wanted to do their photos out on her parents’ land. They were building a new house, so we got to explore the woods. We did some trekking, but it was worth it to get to the locations. Our first stop was this wood pile. I had them sit there at first, and then they decided they wanted to stand up on it. It was a bit dangerous, but they’re both athletes, so nothing happened. After that, we made our way through the woods down to Beaver Lake. I had some trouble moving my lights down there, but I still managed to make things work with the lake in the background. From there we went back up to where the house was and used this big open area for some wide shots. The sun was streaming through the trees, so it created a nice soft backlight to them. Our last location was another walk. There was a stream, but it was down a hill. I really don’t know how we didn’t fall. Athletes I guess. There was this tiny rock that I made them stand on, and then Hannah had to sit on a branch, and she ended up jumping on his back. It was all fun. On our way back, we stopped for one more shot of them walking away.

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We managed to get a lot done in a short amount of time. We could have probably gone around for another hour or two finding great spots out there. Hannah and Cooper aren’t the biggest photo fans, so I promised to not overwhelm them. Considering that, what we got from their Arkansas engagement photos were pretty impressive.

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