Hannah and Philip’s Arkansas Wedding Video

Today’s post should be a relatively short one. If you need any background info on Hannah and Philip, feel free to check out my previous posts about her bridal session and their Arkansas wedding. Today I finish up with Hannah and Philip with their Arkansas wedding video. They wanted a simple video of the ceremony and not a lot of fuss.

Hannah and Philip’s Arkansas Wedding Video

Well, because I was traveling for the wedding, I decided I could handle the video and photography all by myself. This basically meant I was going to have to set up everything and just kind of let the cameras go. I couldn’t take pictures and adjust things at the same time. It was a bit of a task, but I think it worked out well for what I did. The only thing that was really tough was when she walked down the aisle. My two side cameras were blocked by all the people standing, and my other camera was just aimed in the general direction, but this stupid photographer was in the shot (annoying me).

Once things got started, I was able to adjust the cameras while I wasn’t taking photos. It really only took a second to move them a little to the left or the right. Once I did that, I just let them go, and I tried my best to not stand or walk in front of them.

This is not the best strategy for shooting an Arkansas wedding video, but sometimes you do what you have to do. I could have brought another person for the 2 hour trip and made them sit around for 6 hours, but I really don’t think that makes sense. Either way, in the end, Hannah and Philip can always remember their ceremony now.

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