Hannah and Philip’s Arkansas Wedding

I enjoy traveling. Normally I shoot in Northwest Arkansas, so it was nice to get to go Waldron to shoot Hannah and Philip’s Arkansas wedding. Hannah and Philip are a great couple and I can’t describe how happy it made me to finally be a part of their wedding. I say finally because originally they were supposed to get married about half a year earlier, but Hannah got sick. Thankfully she recovered and they still had a beautiful wedding.

Hannah and Philip’s Arkansas Wedding

Not only was this special because it was a new location for me, it was really special because Philip’s father was the pastor of the church. That’s got to be such a special feeling for them. Philip’s father officiated the ceremony, and it was an emotional experience for everyone. He got to be right up there to see his son get married.

The reception took place right next door at their youth center. They did a great job decorating the place and making it look like a completely different place. For the majority of the reception, it was just a social event. Hannah and Philip made their way to around to all the tables and just chatted with people. I think this really shows who they are: they love people.

There were a few things that really stuck out about this wedding. Hannah and Philip had a pretty interesting idea for a group photo: they wanted to be chased by a t-rex. I took the bridal party out to a field, and they all pretended to run from a t-rex. Later, I put the dinosaur in and it looked epic. The other thing that stuck what the decorating of the groom’s car. They went all out with sticky notes, and then wrote some really funny stuff inside for the couple to find. It made me laugh.

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Hannah and Philip’s Arkansas wedding was quite the day. It did involve some driving, but it was so worth it. Everything about the day was beautiful, but seeing the two of them together was really the highlight of my day.


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