Hannah’s Fayetteville Bridal Portraits

Hannah is such a sweetie. She is just the kind-hearted, soft spoken girl. I use to work with her mom back in my Rogers days, so I was really thrilled to be able to work with her. Like I said, Hannah doesn’t seem to be the type of girl to want a lot of attention, but her Fayetteville bridal portraits were absolutely gorgeous. I hated having to wait till after the wedding to show them off, but now everyone can see them.

Hannah’s Fayetteville Bridal Portraits

We tried to be pretty simple for Hannah’s bridal portraits. We worked inside my house in my small dining area for the majority of the time. I’ve used this for a ton of shoots, so I knew we could make some great shots. For the majority of the shots, we just used the window light and a reflector. For a few shots, I bounced a flash off the ceiling. Our biggest struggle was pulling our chandelier up and out of the shot. Hannah’s mom came through big with that one.

We rotated her around in different positions and I moved and shot from different angles, but it was all pretty simple. After that, we tried to different seated positions. For one, she was on the floor with her dress spread out around her. This is one of my favorite things to do for bridal portraits. You get to see the gown and you get a nice high angle on the bride. For the second seated position, we just used a chair.

To end it all, we worked in my garage on a gray background. This was a more traditional, studio look. I believe I had a octabox on one side and maybe an umbrella as fill. These were classically beautiful shots.

Fayetteville Bridal Portraits black and white back of dress Fayetteville Bridal Portraits profile shot Fayetteville Bridal Portraits seated with dress around Fayetteville Bridal Portraits black and white high angle Fayetteville Bridal Portraits seated with window light Fayetteville Bridal Portraits back of the dress Fayetteville Bridal Portraits looking out window Fayetteville Bridal Portraits head shot Fayetteville Bridal Portraits studio gray backdrop

Hannah’s Fayetteville bridal portraits turned out great even though we didn’t have a fancy location and didn’t do anything fancy with the light. Sometimes it goes to show that you can make something out of any situation.


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