How to Choose a Wedding Photographer: Questions pt. 2

After writing two different articles on how to choose a wedding photographer, you’d think I’d be done, but no, I thought of some other important questions you should ask potential photographers at the meeting.

How to Choose a Wedding Photographer: Questions pt. 2

I’ve said it before, but I feel like I have to say it again- these questions aren’t for everyone. If you don’t care about some of the things mentioned, then don’t ask. Each couple is different and cares about different things.

5. Will you work off a shot list or can I make suggestions?

Really involved brides will often go Pinterest crazy and make gigantic boards of wedding photography inspirations. Then, they’ll share these photos and ideas with the photographer, so the photos can be recreated. Some photographers are very open to these suggestions while others refuse to do this. I’m of a mixed opinion on the subject. I am open to suggestions at all times, but I’ve found that sometimes these lists can be overwhelming. When I presented a list of shots for the wedding day and it’s a ton, I find myself overwhelmed and focusing on just getting the list checked off, instead of being creative and capturing the day. I’d say if you’re going to use a list, don’t put the common sense photos on there (bride walking down aisle), and limit it to like 10 shots.

6. Can I be involved in the photo selection afterwards?

I guess this would depend on what the photographer is offering. If they aren’t offering digital files, this probably won’t apply. It’s the same thing if you are ordering prints; you will already be looking through all of them.

If you are getting digital files, being involved in the selection process might be important. I’ll take around 2000 photos at a wedding. Then, I whittle that number down to roughly 1200 or so. From there, I’ll pick out some to do extreme editing to. From my experience, I have found that what I love and what the client loves is not always the same thing. They still like my choice of photo, but sometimes it’s simply the people in the photo that makes them love it. Well, with the option of selecting the photo, you would get to choose which photos the photographer edits. Again, some photographers will allow it, and others want complete control.

7. Do I have to pay tax on the package price?

You’d be surprised how much conflict this can cause. Some people don’t expect to pay taxes on photography services, even though they pay taxes on everything else they buy in the world. This is a good thing to know because this might be a pretty hefty surprise. Think about it. Tax on a $3000 package would be roughly another $300. That’s a good chunk.

Now, this question can also bring up something else that’s really important. There are hundreds of new wedding photographers out there, and many of them are not a legitimate business. They bought a camera and just started working. Truthfully, there is much more that has to be done to become a real business. One of those things is charging tax. It might stink to have to pay that extra chunk, but it’s much better than finding out your photographer didn’t pay taxes and is now out of business. 

Alright, I really think these are the last questions for how to choose a wedding photographer. I know three blogs is a lot and I threw a lot of information out there, but really picking a wedding photographer can be one of those things you either end of smiling about or crying about. I want all the brides out there to be happy with their choice.

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