How to Deal with Bad Weather on your Wedding Day

As I’m sitting here writing this, it’s storming outside. I’m not talking about some sprinkles, it’s coming down hard. The crazy thing is that it was sunny maybe an hour ago, so things changed pretty drastically. I’ve got a wedding this Saturday, so I’m really hoping this is the last bad weather we see for a while. If not, it will be ok because there are different ways to deal with bad weather on your wedding day.

How to Deal with Bad Weather on your Wedding Day

When we usually talk about bad weather, most people think of rain. Yes, that is the most common form of annoying weather, but there are other weather issues that will come up. I’m going to try to cover all of the different weather problems I can think of.

How to Deal with Bad Weather on your Wedding Day

Rain on your wedding day

Rain is a big issue. Rain can ruin about everything: clothes, hair, decorations, equipment. It’s one of those things that can completely change the wedding day.

bride walking under umbrella

The other issue is that rain can really be unpredictable. Weather forecasters can guess, but you never really know what can happen. It can be nice and pretty one moment and raining the next. The rain can last for 5 minutes or all day.

rainy wedding day photo

I’ve covered this topic a few different times, so if you need more detail, check out the full article about dealing with rain. Here are the main tips.

  • Be prepared before it happens
    • have a venue with indoor and outdoor
    • rent tents
    • Check the weather reports
  • Have umbrellas, towels, and other protective gear
  • Be flexible
    • move time of the ceremony to avoid the rain
  • Have a good attitude
    • Still getting married
    • Can create some unique photos
    • People say rain is good luck

Windy Wedding Day

I know the wind can be helpful for things, but really, I only like it when I’m super hot or flying a kite. Strong wind can be a pain for weddings.

dealing with a windy wedding day

You know all the details you worked so hard to pick out? Well, the wind will knock them or and send them flying. I’ve seen signs and other things fall over again and again from the wind.

For me personally, the biggest issue with the wind is what it does to hair. It’s not usually a problem for guys, but the wind can make taking photos of girls extremely difficult.

Here are some tips for dealing with wind on your wedding day

  • secure details down as much as you can, but if they continue to fall, it’s easier to just put them inside
    • it’s better to move what you can then stress over the same thing again and again
  • avoid the wind for photos
    • move photos inside
    • use large buildings to block the wind
  • put hair up to avoid it flying everywhere or face into the wind so the hair will fly backward

Extreme Temperatures at your Wedding

It’s one of the big debates of the world. What is worse: being really hot or really cold? I think I fall more into the hot side. I’m in a suit at weddings, and I already am a sweat machine, so I’d rather deal with cold hands.

bride wearing shaw in cold weather

Extreme temperatures will limit what happens at your wedding. If it’s too hot or cold, you and your guests will be uncomfortable being outside. This means everything will be pushed inside. If it gets really extreme, it could also get to the point of being dangerous. I’ve seen people get too hot and have to sit down before they passed out.

Tips for dealing with extreme temperatures:

  • pick a wedding date to avoid temperatures
    • some dates can still get cold, but in general, June-August will be hot and November through February will be cold
  • Pick outfits that fit
    • lighter colors and breathable material for hot days, thick clothes and layers for the cold
  • Have water readily available
  • Rent giant space heaters

Snow on your Wedding Day

With cold weather comes snow. Here in Fayetteville, we rarely get snow. I actually wouldn’t mind doing some photos with snow, but for others, snow can ruin a wedding.

Winter snow flakes for flower girl

Besides being cold, snow can cause other problems. One, it’s frozen rain, so when it hits people it can melt and mess up hair and clothes the same way. Two, travel can be dangerous or not possible with snow. If you have people coming in on flights or if the venue is off a main road, snow could stop people from arriving.

Tips for dealing with the snow on your wedding:

  • check the weather
    • if you know snow is coming, you can make preparations
  • clear away the snow
    • get shovels or salt to deal with ice and roads
  • embrace the snow
    • add new details related to snow
    • do photos in the snow

Having a Good Wedding Day with Bad Weather

Yes, bad weather stinks! I wish every wedding day had the perfect weather and temperature. For the most part, weather isn’t an issue for weddings. In 11 years of photographing weddings, I can only think of maybe 8 weddings where rain, wind, extreme temperatures, or snow were an issue. I think it’s important to prepare, but don’t stress yourself out over it. Take the necessary steps and then let it go. Whatever happens, happens. You’re still getting married, so enjoy the day and the people around you, no matter what the weather does.

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