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How to Make Your Wedding Fun and Enjoyable for Everyone

Think about the last time you had a blast, just an awesome, fun time. What were you doing? Who were you with? Most likely you can remember all of those things in great detail. Hopefully, it was someone’s wedding because weddings are supposed to be that much fun. Today, we’re talking about how you can make your wedding an amazing time for everybody. 

Most weddings are fun, but only for a small group of people. The couple and wedding party always seem to have a good time, but there’s a large portion of people that get left out. The truth is I see people bored all the time. I see people sitting around and they’re like looking miserable. Other people are extremely stressed because they have too much to do. That’s not for you. We are making sure everyone has a blast at your wedding.

How to Make Your Wedding Fun and Enjoyable for Everyone

To make that happen, it is a process. You know you can’t just walk in and blam, this is perfect for everyone.  There are things to do before the wedding in the whole planning process, before the ceremony, at the ceremony, and then at the reception. You do all of these things and I think most people will be blown away with how much fun they had at your wedding. 

Planning Before the Wedding

Let’s start with the planning process so this is before the wedding. This could be could be 8 months in advance or a month in advance but all this stuff needs the kind of happen before the wedding. The first thing I would say is to talk to people. Talk to the people that are going to be at the wedding,  talk to your parents,  talk to your grandparents,  talk to the wedding party,  talk to as many guests as possible. Ask them what they would want at the wedding to have a good time. If that sounds like a lot of work, simply create an online poll, and send it out to everyone. 

This is especially important if you know someone that always gets stressed out and never has a good time. Talk to them and see what you can do to help.  

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I know we all need help, but when it comes to the actual wedding day,  don’t give people jobs or responsibilities. Your mother doesn’t need to be thinking about what all she has to do instead of thinking about how beautiful her daughter is. Your best friend from high school doesn’t need to be trying to be your wedding coordinator because she needs to be catching up with you and having a good time. When you give someone something to do, they will focus on that instead of having a good time.

It is extremely important to have a schedule or plan before the wedding. Don’t you show up for the wedding and think things are going to magically lineup and workout. That’s not going to happen and it will cause people to get stressed. If you create that timeline, it makes things a lot easier for everybody. There will be enough time for everything so you aren’t late, and you will know what to do and when to do it. 

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Prepare as much as you can before the wedding day.  I know not all venues give you that day before time, but if you can, decorate the night before.  If you need to put together wedding favors, do it earlier. Waiting till the day of is going to cause stress.

I think a big part of having fun at your wedding is having a fun, energetic wedding photographer. They’re going to be around you the entire day. They’re going to be walking around, talking to you ,interacting with you, interacting with your friends, interacting with your guests. and interacting with your parents. The energy they put off affects everyone. 

Before the Ceremony

Before the ceremony, there is a large part of the day that is hanging out and getting ready. This is a great time for the couple to hang out with family and friends. Make this time fun.  Make it a fun environment. Have music playing and food and alcohol. 

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One of the big things with this is make sure there is plenty of time. We talked about this with creating a schedule. Hair and makeup always seems to take longer than expected and pushes things back. 

Also, make sure there is enough space for everyone. I’ve seen guys crammed into a bathroom to try and get ready and they probably don’t care that much but I mean it can’t be the most pleasant experience fitting five guys into a bathroom. If there’s some way rent a hotel room or go to someone’s house, that would be much nicer.

wedding gift

Giving gifts is also a great thing to do at this time. Who doesn’t love getting a gift? Think about your parents or your wedding party  hanging out, and then all of a sudden you whip out a gift. It adds to the experience, and  it adds to the excitement.

The Wedding Ceremony

The actual ceremony can be one of the most boring parts of the day for people. They have to sit still for a long period of time, it might be hot, and it’s the same as every other ceremony. 

First, make your ceremony short. There’s a certain point where people start to lose interest and they are just waiting for it to end. 15 to 30 minutes is usually a good amount of time for a ceremony.

Next, do something interesting and different. People like to see something new or emotional or funny. Make it entertaining. Write your own vows. That usually gets a laugh or causes a few tears. Dance down the aisles either coming in or leaving. Have an adult flower girl. No one will see that coming. Sing a song. These are just a few ideas, but each one is sure to keep people interested. 

special song at wedding ceremony

Make people comfortable. Make sure there is enough space,  so don’t cram 120 people into a space that only fits 70. I’ve had that happen before. I’ve been in a chapel where people were standing all around the edges of the place. There was just no room, and it was extremely uncomfortable. Now, especially especially with Covid 19.

Also, make sure the the temperature is comfortable. I remember this one wedding ceremony I did in February. It was outside, and it was freezing. My fingers were almost not functioning it was so cold. If there’s a way to control the temperature where people aren’t horribly uncomfortable, hot or extremely cold,  people will appreciate that.

The Wedding Reception

The reception is where the most fun should happen. The majority of the time for the guests is at the reception. Give them plenty of time. Make the reception 3 to 5 hours long, so people have time to do different things. Make sure there’s alcohol, food, and desert. Also, make sure there is variety, so people have options. 

yard games at wedding reception

Give them activities to do like yard (Jenga blocks, cornhole) a cocktail hour so people can move around and talk, or something like a photo booth.  When people sit around with nothing to do, that’s when they get bored, and that’s when they want to leave. 

Dancing is always good for a reception.  Make sure there’s a space, and make sure you have a good DJ that’s going to get people out there and play good music. One way to make sure the dance floor is full is to have the couple out there.  People want to interact with you and when you go out there, they are going to follow and they’re going to dance with you.

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Another thing is not all people want to stay at the reception till 10 or 11. A fake exit is a really good option because it lets people leave early instead of having to stay forever.  It’s also an activity that people get to do together. How often do you get to play with sparklers and throw stuff at people? That’s just fun! 

A Memorable Night!

If you follow all these tips, people are going to have a great time. You’re going to have a great time, and other people are going to have a great time. It’s also going to be permanently etched into their memory. They will always remember your wedding as one of the best nights of their lives. I think that’s what every couple wants. 

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