Imaging USA 2016 Review: Day 2 pt 1

The second day really seemed to be the big one. All of the big names were there. Unfortunately, it seemed like they lined them all up at the same time, so I only got to see one. It was still amazing. So let’s continue with my Imaging USA 2016 Review.

Imaging USA 2016 Review: Day 2 pt 1

Monday, 8 AM; Posing that Sells with Roberto Valenzuela

Roberto is amazing. I’ve watched him before on Creative Live, so I knew I wanted to see him live. It really was like seeing a celebrity for me. Roberto is big into posing; he actually wrote a best selling book on it.

For his presentation, Roberto took us through a few different shoots, and analyzed he shot. He talked about what was wrong and how to fix it. It’s the little things that can make a big difference with posing.

Monday, 10 AM; Composites with Julianne Kost

This class was interesting. Composites are when you put multiple images together. I don’t do composites often, but I could see how this could be a fun thing to do. It could be a chance to be creative and do something really artsy.

I think the best way to go around this is to first start off with some kind of idea or concept. She talked about using lines from songs. I’m thinking also scenes from movies or books could be a good idea. From there, you capture photos for each part. Then, later, you put it all together.

Imaging USA 2016 Review Roberto Getting Ready Imaging USA 2016 Review Roberto with model

If I have any complaint at all in my Imaging USA 2016 review, it would be to do a better job arranging the more famous speakers. I really wish I could have seen all of the big names, but I was still thrilled to see the people I did. Tomorrow, I’ll finish up day 2.


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