Imaging USA 2016 Review Day 2 Pt 2

It feels like my trip to Imaging USA was so long ago, but really I haven’t even been back for a week yet. It was a dream-like experience for me, and I’m still trying to pull out all of the nuggets of wisdom and find ways to apply them to my business. I really think writing my Imaging USA 2016 review is going to help. It allows me to go through each day and pinpoint what I got from each speaker. Now let’s finish up day 2.

Imaging USA 2016 Review Day 2 Pt 2

Monday, 5 PM, High Impact Lighting Made Easy with Terri Eddington

I like using flash in my photos. Most of the time I’m using one flash, and I’m either doing an outdoor portrait or running and gunning during a wedding. It’s seldom that I doing real studio work and have a big set up for flash. I still went and watched this session. Truthfully I wasn’t sure what to expect. From the title, I was expecting something that created dramatic photos. Unfortunately, it didn’t turn out that way.

The presenter was an interesting person, and she had some very creative ways of teaching. She explain the different types of lights with little nicknames and photos and even a video. The main light was her husband, the fill light (Phil) was a younger, cuter guy, and then the kicker lights were the “Twins.” I could see this presentation being really helpful for someone brand new to lighting, but honestly it was too basic for me. I was expecting more advance techniques.

I didn’t gain a ton from the session, but I did at least get a good laugh out of her goofy creations and the video. Next time, though, they should probably call the class “Lighting for Beginners.”

That was the end of the sessions for the night. At 6:30 they had an award ceremony, but I didn’t attend. I wish they would have offered at least a few sessions during that time for the people not interested in the awards, but I understand that they wanted everyone to attend.

Day 2 started out strong but then slowly went down. I was on a high with Roberto, and then I was let down at the end. It’s ok, though; I still enjoyed the day overall. My Imaging USA 2016 review is almost done. We’ll be hitting the final day of the convention tomorrow.

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