Imaging USA 2016 Review Day 3 Pt 1

This is it, the final day of Imaging USA! I loved the convention and I’ve loved blogging about it the past week or so. I’m hoping to wrap things up for my Imaging USA 2016 review within the next two blogs. For today, I’m hitting the morning sessions of Day 3.

Imaging USA 2016 Review Day 3 Pt 1

Tuesday, 8 AM, How to Build a Badass Brand with Craig LaMere

I liked Craig’s personality. He was definitely interesting and out there. The fact that he uses Badass in his marketing really describes him. This session had a lot to do with developing a brand. The first thing I took away is that you have to build an identity. People have to recognize you and your brand and it has to be different from all the other photographers out there. He believed in working hard to master the craft of photography to separate from those other guys. One thing I really liked was the idea of creating a business name. It can be something cool and not just be your name. The good idea behind this is that you can have other photographers be part of the business because the business isn’t just your name. The other thing I really liked was that he pushed creating your own vision and signature look. People should be able to look at your photos and know that you shot them. Last, don’t let people sway your vision and who you are.

Tuesday, 10 AM, The Art of Evoking Emotion with Jerry Ghionis

This was the big one, probably the most crowded session. Jerry is a superstar in the world of photography and is also a brilliant speaker. He was hilarious and full of great information. He talked about how to get real emotions from different people and how to change for those situations. For him personally, that sometimes means making crude jokes, but that’s his personality. He also gave the idea of changing the tone of your voice to get different emotions and to put emotional ideas in people’s heads prior to an event. For example, before a bride walks down the aisle, you might mention to the dad that this is the last time they do this as his baby girl. Emotions will be there.

He ended with a strong idea. If you seek to be a better person, everything else will start to fall into place. People will be drawn to you and you will push yourself to create beautiful images.

What a great way to end the morning sessions. I was so pumped after hearing Jerry talk. I really could leave the conference at that point and be happy about everything. I still had the rest of the day, though, and I’ll finish my Imaging USA 2016 review tomorrow.

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