Impact Foldable Beauty Dish Review

I have a lot of lighting equipment. My wife would say too much. Lighting is the main thing I do to differentiate myself from other photographers. I think the right lighting can turn an ordinary photo into something extraordinary. There are a lot of different tools I use and one of my newest ones is the Impact folding beauty dish. I’ve had it for about 6 months or more so I thought it was about time to write an Impact folding beauty dish review.

Impact Foldable Beauty Dish Review

Beauty dishes are known for creating a nice light, a little harsher than a soft box , but perfect for fashion. I’ve always wanted one but two main things kept me from buying one: price and portability.  Beauty dishes can be ridiculously expensive. Most are $200- $300. This one though was roughly $80 I believe. Normal beauty dishes take up a lot of space because they can’t be compacted in any way like say a soft box. This makes storage and travel a pain. The impact version has these foldable rods on the inside that allow in to fold down. This way it takes up about a foot of space.

There are a lot of things I like about it. As I already said the price and portability are awesome. What’s also nice is the ability to use it with different strobes. The speed ring is interchangeable so you just undo four screws by hand and put in a different one. I bought the Profoto mount and Alien Bee mount so I’ve been able to use them on both. There are also different sizes available. I got the big one and it’s pretty big. It’s basically the size of an octabox. I’ve found the whole setup extremely easy to use and helpful in creating some beautiful photos. The light is nice and soft and easy to control.

Of course there has to be some negatives but I’ve only found two. The diffuser that comes with it can be a pain to get on. It is. Ace with a lip so you have to wrap it over the edges. Sometimes it will fall off as I’m going. It would have been a lot simpler they had just put a few spots for Velcro. The other thing I’ve noticed is the the reflecting dish seems to wiggle loose. I haven’t had it fall off or anything but it definitely does wiggle.

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I really love this thing. It has quickly become my go to modifier in the field. It’s easy to setup and makes great light. This Impact folding beauty dish review is just the beginning. I’m going to start writing reviews again of all my new equipment. Come back to see what’s next.

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