kissing at Whitney Mountain Lodge

Intimate Wedding at Whitney Mountain Lodge

Big weddings can be a lot of stress. You have to make all of these decisions, pay a lot of money, and make sure it all comes together. Lately, I’ve had a lot of smaller, intimate weddings, and it’s been just as much fun. Lindsay and Matt had an intimate wedding at Whitney Mountain Lodge. There might have been 50 people there, and it was a good gathering of friends and family and nothing over the top.

Intimate Wedding at Whitney Mountain Lodge

One great thing about Whitney Mountain Lodge is that you don’t really need to decorate for the ceremony. Everything is outside, so you don’t have to use flowers for the stage or put things at the entrance. The beautiful view over Beaver Lake is all you really need.

Lindsay also didn’t want a big fancy wedding dress. Instead, she went with a nice floral. I’m sure it was a lot cheaper, easier to move in, and kept her cool.

bride with floral dresskissing at Whitney Mountain Lodge

The ceremony was beautiful. Lindsay was coming into the marriage with her little girl, so it can be a complicated thing mixing two families. During the ceremony, Matt gave her a special gift, which I thought was a beautiful moment.

ring bearer with casering pops for ring bearerwedding ceremony at Whitney Mountain Lodgegroom giving daughter special gift

The reception was in the lower section of Whitney Mountain Lodge. Again, it wasn’t anything crazy. There weren’t just tons of decorations, which means no stress. On each table, they did have scratch-off tickets. I love that idea! It’s relatively cheap and the guests get a chance to win some money. For a guest book, Lindsay had a globe because she loves to travel. The guests signed that, but I can’t remember if the location where they signed had any significance. I guess it could have been their favorite place.

Globe guest book at weddingOklahoma sooners groom cakewedding cakelottery ticks for wedding guets

After everyone ate and we did photos of groups, it was dancing time. Again, they didn’t make this a big crazy thing. They had some speakers and just used a phone with a playlist. A DJ would have given more options and control over things, but they didn’t need it. The kids just needed some music, and they went nuts.

wedding dancingkids dancing at wedding

I love big weddings, but I definitely understand how they aren’t for everyone. Lindsay and Matt’s wedding worked perfectly for them. It was laid back, they got be with their friends and family, and most importantly, they got married!

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