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Jenny and Harrison Wedding

Holy cow, I am so far behind on blogging about my wonderful couples and their weddings. Jenny and Harrison got married a while back (cough, cough, 2021) at the Stone Chapel and MattLane Farm, but I love them so much and they had so many fun things at the wedding, that I feel like I still need to share it with everyone.

Personality and people always trump everything else for me, and these two were full of it. Harrison is the crazier of the two. He’s a big, former football player, but he’s always smiling and cracking jokes. We had plenty of things to talk about so there was never a dull moment. Jenny works for a yearbook company, so she actually knew someone I used to teach with, and we could talk about photos and things of that nature.  

One thing that was extremely important to Jenny and Harrison was their dog. They made sure Maverick was there to enjoy the day. Harrison had Maverick with him in the groom’s quarters, and I got the funniest photo of them loving each other. Later, Maverick was even part of the ceremony and came down the aisle to great everyone! 

The whole day was just so much fun. The groomsmen were especially entertaining when we went outside for photos. At one point, they even built a tower over one of the guys. I thought it was quite funny. At one point, we even had a fake football play with Harrison playing center and using the bouquet as the football. Lots of fun!

There were some emotional moments as well. Harrison’s reaction during the first look is probably up there in my top 10. His face and the next few seconds were classic. There were also moments in the ceremony that really had me going. 

The reception was crazy as expected. The dance floor was full and lots of guys really wanted to dance with Harrison for some reason. The most exciting part of the night was the exit. They brought in a helicopter! That’s right! That’s how you leave in style, and I would expect nothing less from these two. 

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